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Somega Boost: The Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C

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We love speaking to both established and upcoming names in the holistic health world, and one company we spoke with for our Spring 2021 issue was Somega. Mark Clifford and Paula Gaynor, founders of this innovative supplement brand, had lots of great information to share about their liposomal vitamin C.

Somega Boost

The benefits of liposomal vitamin C

by Aisling Cronin

Liposomal encapsulation technology is a cutting-edge method of encasing vitamins within a phospholipid bubble that protects the nutrients from external wear and tear. A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that the nutritional content of a liposomal supplement is better absorbed by the body than that of a traditional supplement.

Irish company Somega is pioneering this technique, through their liposomal vitamin C products. I spoke to co-founders Dr. Paula Gaynor and Mark Clifford to learn more.

‘The phospholipid layer around the vitamin is quite similar to the cell membranes of our bodies,’ Paula explained, ‘so when you take liposomal vitamin C, it passes through the digestive tract undamaged, and can be delivered much more efficiently to the rest of the body. Our supplements are also alcohol-free, so they are suitable for both adults and children.’

Paula and Mark have taken great care to ensure that Somega’s products are of the highest quality and that the product packaging is kind to the environment. The cardboard carton is sourced from responsibly managed, FSC certified forests, and both the carton and product bottle are recyclable.

Mark said, ‘our journey in developing these products has involved not just researching ingredients, but also understanding the environmental impact of our packaging. We wanted our impact to be as minimal as possible.’

Vitamin C plays a vital role in supporting our immune system, boosting energy levels and promoting skin health. This vitamin helps the body to absorb iron, making it ideal for those with anaemia or low iron levels. If you’re looking for a vitamin C supplement that will really give you a boost, we highly recommend checking out Somega’s liposomal offering. It comes in liquid form, and tastes delicious!


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