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Positively Newsworthy: The Spring 2021 Edition

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We love the Positively Newsworthy section of our magazine, in which we share the most happy news stories we can find, designed to make you smile. Enjoy the Spring 2021 edition of Positively Newsworthy below.

Self Care Survey

Invest time inwards

by Alison McEvoy

A recent survey carried out in the USA revealed that, in the current social climate, people are deciding to spend more time on self-care. The survey revealed two areas of self-care that people identified for themselves: home spa rituals and exercising outdoors or in the gym. I can think of many more!

Caring for yourself is like peeling an onion. The outer layer of self-care involves tending to bodily needs like the ones mentioned above. It can mean tending to your hair, your skin, your needs for exercise and for nice, healthy food and drink. It can mean cosying up your bedroom or study or kitchen, wherever you like spending time.

When it comes to the inner layers, you start looking at caring for your emotional needs. Are there any weights upon your heart that could do with being lifted? Would music, song or a dance allow you to energetically release something that’s weighing on you? Do you need to find yourself a good therapist?

Innermore still, you come to the soulful parts. Do you have a talent that is wanting to come out? Are you holding back your creative energy? Did you ever love to write, tell stories, draw, play an instrument or sing? Do you feel whole, loved, at home in your life? Are there answers you need to find to long-harboured questions?

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and shades. John O’Donoghue, Irish mystic poet spoke of “dark gifts” that nurture our greatest strengths in the art of being human. Time is a gift. Let’s use it wisely!

Mother-Daughter Power

A graduation story to celebrate

by Aisling Cronin

Quiana Cohn, a resident of the U.S. city of Chicago, was 19 years old when she gave birth to her daughter India.Then and there, Quiana set a goal for herself: she would graduate with a master’s degree and become a social worker before India graduated from high school.

When India began to attend kindergarten, Quiana’s studies began. In 2009, she obtained her associate degree. In 2019 she earned her bachelor’s degree, and in 2020, she earned finished her master’s degree — just in time for India’s high school graduation.

“I wanted to show her that we can overcome anything,” Quiana explained. “I wanted to show her that any hurdle, we can definitely conquer it.”

“I’m proud that she graduated at the same time I did,” India commented. “I’m majoring in the same thing as my mom, and I want to be a social worker like her.”

Quiana said that the most difficult part of achieving her goals was finding a balance between being a mother, working full-time and completing her classes.

“Making sure that I was actually present for my kids was hard,” said Quiana. She re-married after a divorce when her children were young, and has three biological kids and a stepson, who range in age from 14 to 18. “I’d stay up at night getting homework done, making sure they didn’t lose their mom while I was accomplishing my goals, too. All of my children have heard since preschool that they’re going to college and they’re going to be successful. There’s no other choice in this house.”

Though physical graduation ceremonies were not possible during 2020, Quiana and India were determined to celebrate in style. They both acquired graduation gowns and posed in them together, so they would always have special photographs to commemorate their achievement. Their joy is plain to see!

The Potato Odyssey

A unique fundraising adventure

by Aisling Cronin

Corey Williams, a kind-hearted Welsh boy, recently undertook an onerous physical challenge in order to raise funds for patients in local hospitals. When ten-year-old Corey heard that patients were unable to receive visitors due to lockdown restrictions, he decided to help them in a unique way: by carrying a large sack of potatoes two miles up the steep hill to the top of Penrhys in Rhondda, Wales.

He did not stop there, though – he also tackled two other hills, biking over the Bwlch and running up the Rhigos.

Speaking of the patients he was moved to help, Corey said, ‘put yourself in their shoes. You can’t talk to them, you can’t see them. It’s really sad. I got an idea in my head to raise money, so they can see people on Zoom or Facetime.’

Corey’s efforts were met with great support – people banged pots in the nearby town of Cwmparc to cheer him on, and he received messages of encouragement from rugby heroes such as Sam Warburton and Nigel Owens. He also appeared on BBC Wales programme The Great Indoors, where hosts Carol Vorderman and Scott Quinnell marvelled at his dedication.

‘It’s quite inspirational to see a 10-year-old kid running up nearly a two-mile, very steep mountain in the Rhondda with a sack of potatoes,’ Corey’s dad Mathew said. ‘He was crying half way up and he said “I can’t give up, I’ll let people down otherwise”. That was mind-blowing.’

Corey raised £4,000 to buy tablet computers for patients at the Royal Glamorgan, Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda and Y Bwthyn hospitals.

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