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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things. Spring 2021 Edition

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Positively Newsworthy: The Little Things is a section of the magazine in which our editors offer some uplifting stories and reflections, just for you. Enjoy our Spring 2021 edition!

Ode to Being Human

The first year of human life

by Alison McEvoy

It’s been a year, times two. Both when the sun is up and the sun is down, we have been side by side, cheek to chest, hand to hand. You cooed and slurped your way through the first few months, and then – like a rocket having stocked up on its fuel of food and sleep – you burst forth.

One day, just like that, you lifted your head all by yourself. Another day, when my back was turned, you rolled over for the first time. Then you sat up. Later, you took your first tentative steps. You learned to mash and munch food. You learned to guide it with your own hand, into the centre of your mouth. You have taken my world by storm. A great, beautiful, powerful and awesome storm.

Under the surface of your skin, your depths have been growing deeper. You have felt sadness for the first time. A kaleidoscope from under your skin has emerged onto your face; frustration, anger, dismay, joy, belly-aching laughter and fear of aloneness. 

You were born in a year like no other in my lifetime. You will be part of a future I cannot anticipate or imagine. You are part of the great unknown that is ahead of the entire world. May the great Creator Guide and Protect every single one of your steps. May you be part of a contribution to the world which will bring about a turn towards the Light, in the hearts of all peoples. A(wo)men.

For Gentle Ones

by Aisling Cronin

You, gentle ones, may be surrounded by hard-hitting truth tellers, feisty freedom fighters, and overall badasses whose courage takes your breath away. You are amazed by their strength.

You see how their commanding presence can hold a room in thrall … and perhaps, in the back of your mind, you feel that your quiet, gentle presence isn’t seen or important.

You witness one fiery, impassioned debate after another … and perhaps you have worried that you have little to contribute.

You may have ceased to feel the value of your sweet, compassionate gestures. Your soothing cups of tea. Your friendly strings of heart emojis. Your softly spoken words. Your comforting smiles. Your understanding eyes, that carry a pure and precious light of total acceptance.

You are the peacemaker.

In an embattled world, it is increasingly difficult to hold the middle ground, to find the still centre of peace … and you are the ones who hold yourselves in that space, reminding others that it exists.

You hold yourself.

You hold us.


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