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At The Heart Of Health: EFAs Are Of The Essence

by Alison McEvoy

In our Spring 2021 issue, we spoke to Edel Murphy, who supplies UnoCardio fish oils to the Irish market. She spoke about why essential fatty acids (EFAs) are so essential in our diets at this time.

At The Heart Of Health

EFAs Are Of The Essence

by Alison McEvoy

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are, as it turns out, essential to our diet. I hadn’t contemplated their name in much depth before talking to Edel Murphy. Edel supplies ‘UnoCardio’ (meaning ‘one heart’) to the Irish market. This is a one-a-day, powerful omega 3 fish oil supplement, with added vitamin D.

Labdoor, an independent company which tests supplements, has ranked it as number one in the USA.

“UnoCardio 1000 was the first European omega-3 supplement to be voted number one in the U.S. It has been awarded excellent scores by renowned consumer organisations for its high concentration, remarkable purity….and absence of contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs or dioxin.”

The secret is in using the tiny fish at the bottom of the ocean – the ones which aren’t in the sea long and feed only on the plankton and algae from the ocean floor.

The essential bit? Well, our body does not store these fatty acids, so we must continue to ingest them regularly; “It’s important to get a high dosage, good quality supplement, because you can feel the difference after 2-3 months. If I stop taking the oils, I start to notice it.”

EFAs and vitamin D are really essential for us all to be taking right now. Our body needs these for heart repair, for reducing inflammation, for immunity and for speedier recoveries when things go wrong. It is especially important for those who are pregnant or postpartum. These little capsules help our body repair and rebuild where needed, throughout our system.


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