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Bringing Galactic Wisdom to Earth: A Conversation With Lorie Ladd

by Aisling Cronin

The main feature of our Autumn 2021 issue was an interview with none other than Lorie Ladd! Lorie is a fantastic communicator and teacher on all things ascension, so it was an honour to speak with her. We previously published a sneak peek of our interview to this site, and today, we wanted to share the whole thing. Enjoy!

Lorie Ladd is a spiritual teacher, speaker, and author who has dedicated herself to guiding humanity through our collective and individual evolution in consciousness.

From the age of thirteen, Lorie knew that she had been born to assist humanity, though she didn’t know exactly what form that would take. In 1995, whilst attending a workshop in Mount Shasta, California, she was shown what her role would be. She saw that she was on Earth to assist humanity through its physical shift in awareness, also known as our great awakening.

Nowadays, her teachings focus on integrating the human experience with the quantum field, understanding ascension, living in higher states of consciousness, and embodying one’s sovereignty. She cut through the apparent complexity of human evolution and grounds it into simple and digestible concepts.

Recently, our publisher Paul Congdon had the chat to speak to Lorie about the era of awakening that continues to unfold on our planet.


I first came across your work in early 2020, when I watched a ten-minute video from you that really calmed me down, even in the midst of all the global chaos! I think this is one of the things you do amazingly well: you help people to see things from a very broad, much higher perspective.


Thank you! I’m honoured to know that my work has reached people in that way.


It would be great to learn more about how it all began for you. Can you tell us about your experiences in Mount Shasta?


I had two really profound experiences in Mount Shasta – the first one happened when I visited for the first time, and the second one happened after I was guided to move there.

I’ve always lived in California, and Mount Shasta is in California. It holds some very powerful frequencies. It holds the power of New Earth. It has a ‘home’ type energy: it feels like home to me. In 1995, when I was in college, I went to Mount Shasta for a five-day retreat on ascension. It was the very first time I had been energetically guided into the heart of the mountain, so I was able to experience what was being held within it. I started to tap into light beings, galactics, ascended masters … and I had a profound awareness that something major was happening in Mount Shasta, but I didn’t know what it was.

Twenty years later, in 2015, I went back and had another experience during which my guides told me, ‘hey Lorie, it’s been twenty years – you need to get going and start doing your work.’ I came back to San Francisco – still working in private equity – and quit my job about a year later. I started doing my spiritual work online: offering sessions and channelling ascended masters and things like that.

At this point, my guides told me ‘you need to move to Mount Shasta. ASAP.’ I was startled by that guidance, but I did it! And in Mount Shasta, for about a year and half, I was put into a kind of ‘spiritual bootcamp’. Every single day, I would practise connecting to higher dimensional beings. I went through a dark night of the soul and cleared out a lot of old trauma … but more than anything else, that experience initiated me into opening myself up to receive higher dimensional information that was coming through. I needed to learn how to translate that information into words so that I could teach and share.


I wanted to ask you a bit about your connection with the Galactic Federation. Who are they and how has your connection with them developed over the years?


I first connected with the Galactic Federation in October of 2018. I had been channelling for a while at that point, and I’d heard of the Federation, but had never connected with them. When I was in Macchu Picchu, they finally came in and helped me to energetically ‘download’ a book that I ended up writing in just one day. They were with me from that point forward.

What they have shared with me is that Earth is a consciousness, just like you and I are a consciousness. She chose to move into a physical form that we call the planet, and she has guides that have assisted her throughout her whole journey. Those guides are the Galactic Federation of Light. They’re very hands-on with this whole experience – what I’ve seen is that they have many councils, filled with hundreds of light beings who all have a different role to play in assisting Earth with her ascension process. They are right by her side through all of it. They are right by humanity’s side. They honour and understand free will.


How does this tie in with starseeds such as Andromedans, Pleiadians or Sirians? What is their role on the planet at this time?


It depends on what your definition of starseed is, but let’s just say that a starseed is here to pull humanity into higher states of consciousness. It’s important not to get too hung up on ‘what kind of starseed am I, where do I come from’ – questions like that – because the thing is, all of us are from some other place. None of us are from Earth.

We all come from another place – or another level of consciousness, if you will. No one is originally from this planet. So if you feel that you are resonating with a star system like Andromeda or Sirus, then it is likely that you originate from that consciousness. You dropped in from that star system, and if you’re remembering that here on Earth, it’s a signal that you are here now to help lift humans into a higher state of consciousness.

I don’t recommend getting super specific around that, though, because you can end up lost in a very restrictive paradigm of figuring out ‘which starseed am I,’ or get very attached to the answer needing to be one thing or another … and when you attach to it, you’re going to lose the magic of what’s in the here and now.

What’s really important is that you are here, now, to unravel the dominant paradigm and bring in a higher way of living.


Where is God in all this? What do you feel God is?


God, or Source, or whatever word you want to use … it’s in all of us. It’s in everything. It’s infused into all that is. I think what we often mean when we say that is, ‘why can’t we connect to God? Where is our access to Source energy?’ Sometimes when humans are in survival mode – which is where a lot of humans are at the moment, just trying to get through the day – we feel as though God has left us. Why isn’t God helping us? Why did God let this happen? When things are good, it feels easier for us to connect to God.

When times are hard, the challenge in that is to really connect with our own being and learn how to deal with our fear. Fear is what pulls us away from God. Attachment pulls us away, judgment pulls us away. But God is in everything. And God is always available to us, even when it seems like that isn’t the case. The breath will bring you to God. Presence will bring you to God. So it’s a matter of practising how to cultivate our connection with God, even in a very chaotic world. God never leaves us.

Just stop for one second. Close your eyes. Breathe. You will feel God inside of you.


What can we do to open to our own channel and our own ability to access guidance?


The first thing to understand is that everything you can understand and perceive happens within your body. The only way you ever receive guidance – whether it be from yourself, your Higher Self, or your guides – is to be inside the body. And to listen.

Really and fully listen to what you are experiencing, what you are feeling, and what you are hearing. When we start to be quiet and feel into our bodies, you will naturally begin to feel into other energies around you. I always initially try to bring people into the subtle voices they’re hearing in their head, because if you try to associate yourself only with guidance that is coming from outside yourself in some very obvious or dramatic way, you will be searching for a long time.

When I communicate with the Galactic Federation, I understand that the communication is coming from somewhere above me, but I receive it in my heart. I receive it in my body. People think that when they’re receiving guidance, it has to appear in some big obvious way outside of themselves – like it’s occurring some place far away from them, and they have to reach out and grab it. You don’t. You have to get deep into your body. What is your intuition telling you?

Stop trying to figure out how to talk to guides with your mind. Come into your body and just listen.


Why do we often feel such resistance in our being the more we try to sense our intuition and step into our sovereignty? And why does that resistance feel so potent within us in one moment, then it seems to vanish in the next?


It all comes back to being gentle with ourselves. That’s the key thing I would urge people to be: just be very, very gentle with yourself. Resistance is just the little tiny toddler that’s having a little bit of a temper tantrum because it’s being asked to change. So when we have resistance, we don’t want to judge or condemn it.

We want to practise just observing it. As you mentioned, in the next moment, that resistance may not be there anymore. Can you just let it be? When you can do that, you will allow resistance to move through you much more quickly.  Think of your inner toddler as an aspect of you that just doesn’t understand what it’s being asked to do. It’s a very natural part of the evolution in your consciousness.


How can we best approach our relationships with those who don’t understand us, or don’t seem to resonate with us anymore?

When you find that there are friends, family, coworkers and others who don’t seem to resonate with you anymore – or there’s some sense of distance there – it’s important to know that you don’t necessarily have to drop them out of your life. I think it’s more empowering to ask yourself, ‘how do I navigate these humans in my life, and my resonance with them, without immediately assuming that I have to turn my back on them?’

Find a way to empower yourself in that relationship, whether that means establishing firmer boundaries or taking some space … we’re designed to be around everyone. We’re designed to be like Jesus, basically, where we can stand with anyone, and we will be okay. Maybe there are some people you’re closer to than others, maybe there are some people with whom you need to establish some boundaries … but when difficulties arise in relationships, the first answer needn’t be cutting them out of your life.

You can watch our unabbreviated interview with Lorie on our YouTube channel. For more information on Lorie and her work, go to lorieladd.com

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