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Kim Bellisimo M.A. is the creator of the EnergyWorks method. She teaches individuals, families and businesses how to create success in their work, relationships, finances, and other areas of their lives. In our Autumn 2021 issue, we were honoured to share an extract from her forthcoming book, ‘From Chaos to Creativity.’ Enjoy it below!

Get Unstuck and Thrive

The power of energy clearing

by Kim Bellisimo

Most of us have accumulated a lifetime of experiences and interactions, during which our energy was trapped in mental Pictures that became stuck and stored. When you don’t have access to the energy and information in these Pictures, a part of you becomes frozen and movement ceases. This is when creativity also ceases to exist. 

Think of the Backspace as a storage shed where you place your old memories, holding onto ideas because you think you will need them in the future. However, if you don’t move your energy, it becomes stuck, stored, and inaccessible.

What is in your Backspace? Any moment in time when you experienced pain, trauma, fear, and anxiety that caused your energy to split from your body, causing you to stop existing in that moment. 

Did you ever get picked on or bullied? Was one of your parents a narcissist who had to make every situation about him or her, so that you were never seen or felt to exist? Were you in an abusive situation, or did you buy into someone’s opinion that you were ugly or stupid? Did someone make a comment about how overweight you were, or how you weren’t good at sports, or you were clumsy? 

These are all Pictures that people project onto you. These Pictures can become a part of your programming that you live and create by. When three or more Pictures are projected onto you at a young age, you believe them to be true, and you start accepting them as your own. A part of your energy becomes trapped in these Pictures, which then begin to define you.

The Pictures act as ‘agreements’ between you and the people who projected them onto you, preventing you from creating what you really want. 

Your Backspace also becomes a place for others to dump their own pain. You take on their Pictures to try to heal them, get them unstuck, and move their energy. But when you do this, you take on their information, their energy, and their pain. As a result, you become stuck in their Pictures. Have you ever had a friend call you and tell you how depressed they were, and you spent an hour listening to their story, offering advice and trying to fix the situation, only to hang up and realise that now, suddenly, you had become depressed? 

You become another person’s dumping ground because you want to help them and heal them, but in doing so, you open yourself up to being overtaken. The more energy you take on, the less you are able to move. You may experience this as gaining weight, developing a health issue or addiction, or becoming unmotivated to move toward your goals.

When our energy is overtaken by the energy of others, our lives don’t flow as freely as they could. Our attention becomes focused on fixing those around us. Instead of creating from the duality of the mind, we need to drop into the heart, which creates from wholeness, and where all of our creative potential exists.

I have had many difficult experiences in my own life that ultimately led me to develop what I call the EnergyWorks method of personal transformation. Passing on the gifts I have gained, and the lessons I have learned, is a key part of my life today.

I have put together a series of simple, yet in-depth exercises that will enable you to shift stuck energy in your own life by clearing the energy in your home, your personal objects, your place of work and your relationships. In doing so, you can become the powerful creator you were meant to be!

We are moving into an era of discovering how to be in a real, meaningful relationship with everyone and everything around us. We are learning how to move beyond survival: how to thrive. The information in this book is intended to serve humanity during its evolutionary jump. The EnergyWorks method enables you to clear blockages, break free from stagnation, reclaim your power, and create a life beyond imagination. 

This book will set you free to live in a new reality.

This is an extract from Kim Bellisimo’s new book, ‘From Chaos to Creativity’.

Kim Bellisimo, M.A. is the creator of the EnergyWorks method. She teaches individuals, families and businesses how to create success in their work, relationships, finances, and other areas of their lives. Her unique life experiences have enabled her to witness the patterns of energy within and around her clients, and work with them to transform their lives. Now, in her new book ‘From Chaos to Creativity’, Kim shows you how you can do the same by moving into a powerful and creative partnership with who you truly are.

Visit her at kimbellisimo.com

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