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Vital Nutrients: The Journey That Birthed a Business

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Jacqueline Manzoni of VitalOrganico began to explore the benefits of vitamins and vital nutrients as a means of improving her own health … and from her journey, a new business was born. In our Autumn 2021 issue, she told us all about it.

Vital Nutrients

The wellness journey that birthed a business

by Jacqueline Manzoni

Every entrepreneur’s story begins somewhere. For me, VitalOrganico was a creation of necessity. It was brought into being around our kitchen table during a time when I was seeking new ways to treat my poor health.

I spent some time studying and researching vitamin C, infectious diseases and toxins, paying particular attention to the works of Dr. FR Klenner, Thomas E. Levy and Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling. I was eager to find innovative solutions to my chronic conditions.

Through my research, I discovered that the most effective way to take vitamin C is through intravenous or liposomal delivery methods. With no clinics in Ireland at the time – and no liposomal products available – I decided to make my own.

I initially began to make vitamin C products for myself, but soon received an increased number of requests from extended family and friends of family. We had to move production to an outdoor facility near our home. During this time, I discovered that other vitamins could also be delivered via the liposomal method.  We found ourselves making several varieties, for more and more people. With that, VitalOrganico was born!

The benefits of taking vitamins are endless, but let’s talk about the delivery method. Most people understand that proper supplementation means choosing the right nutrient. But did you know that how it’s delivered can make a huge difference?? Liposomal delivery is an advanced nutrient delivery system that increases the benefits of supplementation. Its unique method offers significant advantages when compared to others, such as capsules and tablets.

Vital Liposomal vitamin C is wrapped in microscopic double-layered bubbles made of essential phospholipids from sunflower lecithin. These bubbles transport the vitamin to locations in the body where they are most efficiently absorbed. The phospholipids that are delivered alongside the vitamin C nourish the membranes of the cells, ensuring proper function for the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of cellular waste products and toxins.

In 2020, we outsourced our manufacturing to a German laboratory, so that we could produce vitamins in large enough quantities for our clients. This has allowed us to focus on helping others on their journey to wellness. When we took the decision to outsource manufacturing, we strictly stuck to our old product recipes, which contain only organic, non-GMO ingredients, and no alcohol or soya.

These aspects are very important to us: we feel that they set our product apart from others on the market, and are hugely important for those consuming high doses of vitamin C or other vitamins.

VitalOrganico has gone from strength to strength since it began. We have helped thousands of people find alternate ways to treat their ill health and disease. We now stock an extended range of liposomal vitamins and minerals, alongside products for oral health and vitamin infused skincare. We know that true wellness in today’s world comes from both efficient detoxification and valuable supplementation.

Having been on a journey of recovery from ill health myself, I am passionate about helping others. So if you’re curious, why not give our products a go? Let us help you to help yourself.

Check out our product range at vitalorganico.ie

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