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We are huge fans of Creacon Wellness Retreat here at Positive Life. In our Autumn 2021 issue, we were pleased to feature them in the ever-popular Short and Sweet section. Read on to learn all about the amazing retreats, food, classes and other services they offer.

Haven of Healing

Creacon’s Autumn Retreats

by Alison McEvoy

Creacon Wellness Lodge stands out like a shining light in Ireland’s sunny South-East: home to a host of seasoned resident facilitators whose life work it is to create space for healing, transformation and spiritual awakening for all those on the journey of life. Creacon is a wonderful place to take time out and allow body, mind and soul to realign.

This Autumn-come-winter Creacon Lodge becomes the luxurious backdrop to a number of specialised workshops, beckoning you to ‘Embrace Samhain’, ‘Spiritually Awaken’ and ‘Celebrate the Light’ – to name a few of these creative and soulful offerings.

‘Embrace Samhain’ with Danny Ahern invites you to consciously embrace the dark time of the year and the feminine energy of surrender, rest and regeneration. The ‘Spiritual Awakening Retreat’ with Marcela Jacob Giavris offers “three days and two nights of adventure, filled with restoration, inspiration, personal transformation and lots of Joyity.” Meanwhile, Sandra Grey Wolf invites you to join her in a ‘Celebration of the light’ at the end of October – an honouring of the victory of goodness, knowledge and Light and of all the ancestors who have paved our way into this life.

Creacon Lodge and its stunning mature gardens will be your home from home during your stay, and the on-site Well Bean Café is simmering with seasonal, home-grown, healing and hearty foods to nourish you as you dive deep into the work of your soul.


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