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Focus on the New: Connection and Communities

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Our Autumn 2021 issue featured a wonderfully thought-provoking features from Rob Ó Cobhthaigh of Inwardbound – he explored how we can begin to create the communities we would like to see. Read his piece below.

Focus on the New

Connection and Communities

by Rob Ó Cobhthaigh

At Inwardbound, we believe that this period of enforced contraction will be followed by a tremendous period of expansion and growth. Every contraction is necessary for a birth to happen.

We feel that this is a time of coming together: of new relationships, communities, tribes and systems forming. There is a widespread recognition that the old systems are failing.

Rather than spending all our energy fighting the old systems, we believe that it is necessary at this time for us to come together and envision the Ireland we want to live in. This country has the most incredible people. What will our new systems and communities look like? Already, gatherings are happening all around Ireland with this intent.

Some general principles we see as important are: that the new systems be organic and bottom-up, not hierarchical and top-down. The new communities will be in tune with the land and with nature. We will remember our ancestral ways and wisdom of the land of Ireland. Much of the leadership of the new communities will be feminine. There will be space for healing in these new communities.

We as humans have a right to clean water, air, healthy food and housing. These new systems should be people-centred, not exploitative. The education of children will be a key part of developing these new communities and systems.

There is a widespread recognition that change is needed. So now it is time for us to come together: not to focus on what we want to fight, but rather, to focus on what we want to build. The energy goes where the attention flows, so let’s focus our energy and intention on creation.



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