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The Art of Letting Go

by Alison Canavan

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Alison Canavan, an intuitive coach, speaker, author, meditation and breathwork teacher speaks on the importance of letting go in order to create freedom and healing in our lives.

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The Art of Letting Go


by Alison Canavan


Grudges, resentment, blame, anger. What we hold onto affects everything in our lives. Letting go can be difficult for people as we become attached to our stories. They start to define us, and sometimes we even wear them as a badge of honour.

To really heal and become free, we must learn to let go. As it’s an inside-out world, and the feelings and stories created from within determine our daily life experiences. Let’s consider this from an energy perspective.

Energy – The real currency in life. It’s interesting that we know the word currency primarily as a way to describe money. In the dictionary, the primary definition is circulation as a medium of exchange: something (such as coins, treasury notes and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange.

Circulation is required for all of life to exist. Our heart pumps our blood which circulates through our body. Circulation is key, and so, therefore, circulating your energy and moving it in the direction you wish it to go is a skill everyone can learn. Learning the language of energy is one of
the most worthwhile things we can do in this life.

When we send out love or hate, we are doing so using energy. When we smile, there’s an energetic exchange that takes place. Our words carry a frequency that can uplift, inspire, support, hurt or harm us.

Let’s bring it back to basics here first and replace what most people think is the most important currency; money with energy. How do you spend your energy each day? Do you save your energy or
spend it frivolously? Do you invest your energy wisely, and if so, with whom or in what? These are important questions to ask yourself because everything in this universe runs on energy.

Let’s imagine that we all have an energy bank account, and it works the same way your regular bank account does. We deposit into it, invest it and withdraw from it daily. Are you living beyond your means energetically, or are you filling your cup and really investing in yourself ? Imagine we are all given €100 worth of energy a day as a baseline from the universe. Initially, you might think, wow that’s €3,000 worth of free energy each month. Of course, you would have €3,000 if you stayed still and never did anything, but even staying still requires a tiny bit of energy.

However, if you wake up in the morning and scroll on your phone and mindlessly start your day, you are in an energy deficit of -€50, but if you wake up and start your day with movement, great food, meditation and gratitude, you earn an extra €150 leaving you with €250 to start your day.

Over time if you keep withdrawing from the bank of energy each morning and not depositing, you will develop a dis-ease which basically means not being at ease with yourself in your day-to-day life, which manifests in disease in mind, body, spirit or all three. I use the morning as a simple example, but obviously, it’s not that simple. We use energy continuously as we move through our day, so we need to become aware of how we live, our habits, interactions and the choices we make daily.

We also need a good energetic flow to feel healthy and happy in life. When we hang onto old wounds and pain, we become stagnant, and circulation slows down or gets blocked and stops flowing. Relationships become increasingly difficult, and we see the world through the lens of pain and misery.

The most important first step is awareness and then acceptance that something happened in your life. The choice now is to do the work and heal or continue to carry it. Doing the work is why
we are here so that we can remember our true nature, which is love.

When we let go, we can let love in and fill our energy bank with expansive energy blessing everything and everyone that comes into our life. Remember that you are 100% up to you, and you get to choose love or fear in every moment. When in doubt, simply ask, “What would love do?”

Alison Canavan is an intuitive coach, speaker, author, meditation and breathwork teacher and currently lives in Texas. She is the creator of a womens online membership called The Aly Code – Activate Loving Yourself through mindset, meditation and Breathwork.


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