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Target Your Health

by Alison McEvoy

In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Winter 2022 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with Conor Kerley – founder of the nutrition product company Phytaphix – about his inspiring health journey. Keep reading to enjoy the full piece!

Target Your Health

Phytaphix – Harnessing Plant Power For You

By Alison McEvoy

Conor Kerley is a man who has turned his own personal adversity into a universal gain. Conor was very into sports as a child. At 15 years of age however, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). This is quite a debilitating, generally life-long condition affecting the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system).

For Conor, his core response became a goal “to simply get healthy”. In the following years he formulated and executed a plan to study nutrition and dietetics in Trinity College Dublin. Further studies involved research and Conor began to shine.

Conor then earned his clinical doctorate from the School of Medicine at UCD. He won numerous international awards for research which he personally designed, conducted and published all over the world. While working at a medical centre in the USA, Conor decided to return to Ireland to formulate his own brand of nutrition products, Phytaphix.

“Phytaphix products are all based on my own research and expertise,” he explains. “I focus first on science… As much as possible we focus on food ingredients and Irish ingredients when we can. Of course we manufacture and package in Ireland.”

‘Phyt’, meaning plants in scientific language, indicates the inspiration and source of the nutrition in Phytaphix products. This is natural, plant-based nutritional support using pure and premium food ingredients to create powerful and targeted supplements to help ‘phix’ health.

Immune Phix, a multi-award winning powder that can be added to any food or drink, “is really powerful nutrition. It’s convenient…and very fruity with elderberry, Indian gooseberry, strawberry…it’s quite sweet and pleasant, despite also containing Irish mushroom and Japanese Matcha Green Tea.”

COVMPAQ is a capsule with curcuminoids, vitamin D3, vitamin B12 from Irish mushroom, magnesium from the Irish Sea, piperine, ashwagandha and quercetin. COVMPAQ is based on over 50 clinical research studies and designed to support normal inflammation.

Almost 20 years after his diagnosis, Conor remains healthy and is on a mission to help others ‘phix’ their health.



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