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Spirituality and the City – Winter 2008

by Patrick

pl_full_web_page_10_image_00012David Mooney


To me Dublin has a strong spirit with deep roots. I love Dublin. I feel I belong here. There are places where I feel a strong connection to the spirit of the place…

Down by the Liffey amongst the oak in Lucan where I grew up, its beautiful and quietly alive. In the Sunday market in Dun Laoghaire, a lyrically lulling spirit, in Herbert Park on a Saturday afternoon in autumn getting mucky playing football, in the cool waters of White Rock with friends, in the blossoming of colourful Parnell street, in the vibrant and richly diverse tribe of dancers I meet in my classes and on the dance floor, probably my favourite meeting place with spirit!


pl_full_web_page_10_image_0002Maya Benharroch


There’s so much of it around, especially in the city centre. You see ads everywhere about “meditation this“, “workshop that“, and I think its great.  It’s there because a lot of people are interested in it.  Sometimes I wonder if there’s room for all the people who want to teach, me being one of them, and then I realise that the desire for people to teach is growing in alignment with the need and the request.

Its also very exciting taking part in those workshops.  One of the major ones for me has been Primordial Sound Meditation, which also introduced me to the Buddha Bag meeting and through them, Rebirthing and the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

I think its great that people have so much to choose from, so that they can actually go and find something that really has a good fit with them.  Also socially, its great to know that there are so many people about that have a similar way of looking at things.  And the cherry on the cake… I met a great man in the Buddha Bag meeting.  Those kinds of social events are a great place for people to make those kinds of connections.  I’m very blessed to have all of this around me.

pl_full_web_page_10_image_00032Dmitri Maslov


I love people.  When I love people, I think what can I make good for them, or how can I make happy myself and share the happiness with them.  That’s my Spirituality in the City.

A city is a group of people who come together for some reason, to share the good feeling.  That’s why I’m still in the city, because I still like that.  I still love people, I still love giving hugs, I still love to make them feel good, and that’s actually the purpose of my tea ceremonies as well.  I think everything is a spiritual experience.  Every single second.

It’s not really important to be in the city or in the countryside.  In the countryside there are less human involvements, there are natural involvements.  When you enter inside a natural forest you feel clarity.  When you go into a human grown forest you experience human thoughts and ideas.  That’s why sometimes you can feel different in different cities.  If you come to a city where people pray all the time, like in India, you would feel the power of prayer.  You feel different in Galway than in Dublin because they have different thought forms, and because there are less thoughts in Nature, you feel nicer.

pl_full_web_page_10_image_00041Sharyn Cunneen


I’ve been thinking I need to connect with nature, you know.  And you know when you’re thinking about things, you attract those kinds of people into your life?  I’ve been thinking about growing my own vegetables and stuff but I have no idea how to, but I’ve been meeting lots of people who know lots of stuff.  I met a lovely person last week.  He has his own farm in Longford and he grows all his own vegetables bio-dynamically in the shape of a mandala, and he does energy healing and shamanic stuff and he’s amazing.  I think I’ve known him in other lifetimes.

You know when you meet people and you feel really grateful and happy that you met them?  I’ve been meeting lots of those people lately, and the more you’re grateful for it the more you meet them as well.  I’m meeting so many lovely new people its amazing.

I think the city is probably a good place because things manifest really quick because there are lots of people and lots of things happening as well.  It depends on what you’re trying to manifest.  I’m trying to manifest people things because I like meeting new people.  I want to spread love, joy, magic and happiness.


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