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Spirituality in the City: Spring 2021 Edition

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In our Spring 2021 issue, we asked six readers, ‘what is your vision for the world?’ We loved hearing their beautiful, thought-provoking answers. Read them below.

Anthony Monteith

Mastering your own definition of spirituality requires letting go of the stereotypical definition of being a master. Most of us cannot live away from society, on a mountain top, by the river, or the lake. At this special point in history, we are learning how much of a challenge it can be to stay inside, both physically, mentally, and more importantly, spiritually. My vision for the future is that we learn to become the Human Being, not the Human Doing. This is how we will progress spiritually in this current reality. Take time to foster peace internally through the breath. Take time to listen to the workings of your body. Conscious embodiment through movement of the breath.


Michelle Keane

I think we need to go back to the basics. As a mother of two children, I think we as parents need to educate our children on the importance of spirituality. We need to stop searching and look within ourselves, as deep inside, we have the solution to fixing all of life’s problems. I pray that all people in this world awaken within themselves. I pray for peace, joy and justice in the world, and I pray for our universe to be protected, as we as humans are  destroying our planet. A line from a song comes to mind – ‘Imagine’ by the Great John Lennon. ‘Imagine all the people, sharing all the world. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.’ The children of our world are our future. We need to invest in them to make this world a better place.


Kim Kindersley

For years now, I have been holding community heart song circles all over the world. The circle is a safe space for people from all backgrounds, beliefs and ideologies to come together as one. This is what is needed now on this planet, for us to feel our common humanity in the heart. I see an awakened world led by the people, for the people. I see a beautiful, balanced and fair world, full of localised freedom cells living on the land. I see us once again in tune with the natural world, communing with the great mystery of this beautiful life. I see communities held together through loving support of one another, rather than market forces and outmoded competition. This is the moment to explore true sovereignty in the heart and build an entirely new system, so that there can be a future for the generations to come.



Susan Barnes

The vision I hold for the future is one in which all humanity co-exists in harmonious symbiosis with each other, the animals, the plants, and our Earth.  I use the phrase ‘harmonious symbiosis’ to mean the restoration of the natural balance, rather than an absence of the things we would deem ‘negative.’ We humans have forgotten that we are nature. As a result, we have stepped out of the effortless order of governance that the rest of the natural world abides by. This creates disconnection within our inner ecosystem and our external ecosystems. When we remember our connection to the natural world, we are able to listen. In listening, we can be guided into the flow of Life, no longer resisting the instinctual, intuitive forces that always move through us. These forces inspire our action and creativity, attuning us towards a shared impulse: to work together for the betterment of the Whole.


Dean Fraser

Had you asked me a little over a year ago what the future held for most people, I would have said, ‘it will be largely the same as the past.’ And then a massive pattern interrupt to established lifestyles happened through Covid. As people adjusted to this new reality, it seems many also took the opportunity to access their lives and what truly matters. I see more of us making good physical health and positive mental wellbeing central to our life philosophies, awakening to the awareness that without those two things, we actually have so little. Some aspects of life, then, will not return to the way they were before. Once our eyes have been opened to new paradigms, they will remain open. I see many more of us placing wellness as a first priority in the future.


Sarah Fogarty

I imagine a community owned, renewable energy future. I imagine citizens owning and generating their own renewable energy and reaping rewards for it. I imagine a future in which citizens can participate and be included in a community energy market in Ireland. This is the philosophy and goal of Community Power (Ireland’s first community owned electricity supplier).

Community energy is the answer to our climate crisis. It can also help create balance between local economies and the global economy, and overcome the rich and the poor divide. It creates a democracy in which our villages and towns can partake in co-operation, not competition. I am excited for the future of community energy and the movement that has begun to allow us all to grow.

Visit communitypower.ie to switch your home or business electricity.

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