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Happy Valentine’s Day, Positive Lifers. Whether you are coupled up, single, or spending the day basked in the warmth of family and friends, we hope this day serves as a powerful reminder: You Are Loved. To celebrate this day, we decided to search our archives for some our most popular love-focused articles over the past few years, honouring the beauty of human and Divine love, in all of its forms. Enjoy!

‘The Low Roar and Whisper of Your Body’ by Dawn Cartwright

Dawn Cartwright, our resident tantra expert, always pens the most amazing pieces on love, connection and joy. In this article, from our Winter 2020/21 issue, she asked: “What does it mean to be true to oneself? To be sovereign of heart, body and sex? How do we become clear about who we are as lovers and shower our lives with that truth?” This is a truly fascinating read.

‘New Beginnings: What I’ve Learnt From Being a New Mum’

This wonderful article was featured in our Spring 2020 issue. In it, one of our editors, Alison McEvoy, talked about the profound love of becoming a parent to a new child.

She wrote, “I’ve spent my time on many things before this. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in ashrams, and on courses, learning the ‘art’ of presence, being in the moment, mindfulness – whatever way you wish to phrase it. A baby teaches, no, demands, this and more. Being a mum is selfless service. It is presence and being in the moment. It is obliteration of the self with a small ‘s’. As a new mum, almost all of my energy goes into my baby.”

‘Falling into Love: An Interview With Devaji’

We were lucky enough to interview modern-day mystic and spiritual teacher Devaji for our Spring 2019 issue. He shared some beautiful thoughts on the nature of love, and how we can integrate love into our everyday lives. When he was asked, “How does life look when you live from love?”, Devaji gave a truly beautiful answer.

“Just feel into it. Feel, with your heart, the part of you that is not bound to anything, and just gently fall into that. When you fall into the experience of unity, the ‘dream’ of life that you experience will reflect that. Life goes on, but the characters that you appear – the people you meet – appear within that feeling. There is no longer a feeling of separation from them.”

Spirituality in the City: ‘What Does Love Mean to Me?’

In the Winter 2018/19 edition of Spirituality in the City, we asked some of our readers to answer the profound question, ‘what does love mean to me?’ Their answers were deeply enlightening and heartwarming.

For example, Gar Duignam wrote, “I now started to see the world through the eyes of a child and I started to feel what real love was. All that was left was love. It wasn’t selective: it didn’t pick or choose who or what it would love. It was all-inclusive: it was the love of what is.”

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‘Love and Death: Staying Anchored in Love’ by Dee Wallace

In the face of death, how can we stay anchored in love? The amazing Dee Wallace wrote her final article for us in our Autumn 2018 issue. She wrote about love and grief: themes that hold great resonance for many people at this time. This article is the perfect one to read for comfort and reflection.

Dee wrote: “I have experienced so much death in my life. It is never easy. No one expects it to be. But … Your loved one’s energy is always available to you. Talk to them. And LISTEN and feel their response. You may be given pictures, or memories, or emotions. Know that those are all forms of communication.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Love Your Way to Wellbeing

In our Summer 2017 issue, Dr. Joe Dispenza – renowned for his groundbreaking studies into wellbeing and consciousness – spoke with us about how love can heal our deepest wounds. “When a person has a profound inward experience, that’s greater than the trauma or shock of a past external experience, the inner experience seems to rewire the brain and send an emotional signal to the body, the amplitude of which begins to rewrite the biological program, and in a matter of seconds we begin to see people change.”

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