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The Future of Medicine

by Patrick

The Future of Medicine - Spiritual, MeditationBy Patrick Bridgeman

After watching The Living Matrix movie, we were inspired to write an editorial about the future of medicine, and were lucky enough to get EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with two of the film’s inspiring stars: Bruce Lipton and Lynne McTaggart. The movie puts forward the theory (backed up by scientific evidence) that the body’s energy field is a major influence in the development of our genes, the growth of our cells and the general working of our immune and other bodily systems.

It shows numerous case studies and interviews with people who have been successfully cured of conditions such as cerebral palsy, an inoperable brain tumour, kidney abnormalities and chronic fatigue syndrome, without the need for damaging operations.

“My belief about the future of medicine is that it will be reduced to what it does miracles with: trauma.” Bruce tells us at the beginning of our interview.  “It will not disappear because it shouldn’t disappear.  But if you try to ask it about cancer, alzheimer’s, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity and things like this, the answers are not forthcoming because those are not trauma things, those are operational control issues, which are mind-over-matter issues.”

According to Bruce, The most important breakthrough in medicine in recent years is the awareness of a new field called Epigenetics.

The current cultural belief is that our traits and characteristics are predetermined by our genetic history, and that you can‘t change the genes that you were born with.  This instils in us a belief that we are victims of forces outside of our control and are powerless in controlling our health; which then leads us to look for a rescuer outside of our self.

However, Bruce knows that genes are controlled by your perception, and through your perception you can modify the readout of your genes to create 30,000 variations of every gene that you have.  Therefore, the concept of victim is lost in the new world of Epigenetics, for the simple reason that the individual has the ability to change their perception.  You‘re a master if you realise that it’s your perception in response to the world that’s adjusting your genetics.

The mind is the functioning of the brain that interprets the environment and adjusts the biology.  So rather than being controlled by our genes, our biology is controlled by our mind.  And when you understand this, then you realise the power of being able to change your mind; because when you do that, you change your biology and your genetics.

Through epigenetics, emotion, perception, attitude and belief, the patient is directing the health of their body.  They are not the victims of their cells undoing them.  It’s the other way around.

We go from victim to master with a change in our belief system.

It has been clearly documented that one third of all healings, be they surgery or drugs or whatever technology, are strictly due to the thought and belief system.  This is called the Placebo Effect.  “The Placebo Effect talks about a positive thought being something that can heal you.  More importantly is the Nocebo Effect,” Bruce explains.  “What the world in general is unaware of is that a negative thought can take you equally powerfully in the other direction.”

When a person is under stress they shut off their growth, they shut off their immune system and they shut down their conscious processing in deference to doing reactive behaviour, which means you become less intelligent.  So, as the stresses in this world are mounting, what we are finding is people‘s health is adversely affected, the growth of the system is stymied, and there‘s less intelligence in dealing with the issues because the fear is pushing us into reactive behaviour.

Bruce believes that messing with chemicals causes more problems than changing your belief system.  “The side effects are quite different in that there are no side effects with changing your belief system.  It doesn’t work by changing the chemistry.  That’s why the statistics reveal that, in the United States, medicine is now becoming the leading cause of death, through iatrogenic illness.  This is what doctors themselves admitted in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  300,000 people die every year as a result of taking prescription drugs.  That‘s more than heart disease, cancer and stroke.”

Your thoughts are involved in the creation of your reality, and your heart is a vibrational amplifier that helps to manifest that creation, and when you put the two together in harmony, the message is broadcast out to a large audience.

Bruce’s first book, The Biology of Belief, was on the nature of how personal beliefs affect your life on a personal level.  His new book, Spontaneous Evolution, looks at the concept of cultural beliefs and the way the world is organising; how our collective beliefs manifest our reality and, by changing those beliefs, how we can change the existing reality.

“Building a new reality means undoing the foundation of the existing reality so that you can restructure it for something different.  The upheaval is a necessary step in an evolutionary process.  So, rather than focusing on the upheaval level, it‘s much more effective to focus on the resolution.  There are exciting opportunities that lie in front of us when people let go of their fear of change.”

He puts it to us that a human body represents a massive community with 8,000 times more members than there are people on the planet.   Every cell is the functional equivalent of a miniature human living in a society.  50 trillion citizens that can learn to live in harmony, and when the body is blissed out, that means 50 trillion citizens are blissed out at the same time.

Every cell has a job.  Every cell gets paid.  There’s a unit of exchange in the body, the equivalent of money, called ATP.  There’s an economy.  There’s a politics.  There’s a protection mechanism.  There’s a health force to take care of things.

Basically, inside the body, there’s a civilisation far greater than ours in number, using technology that humans haven’t even evolved yet, living in a confined environment, and living in an opportunity of balance and harmony where every citizen could be totally blissed out.

“There’s an ancient mystical saying that says, ‘The answers lie within.’  If you understand the technology, politics, economy and social organisation of how 50 trillion cells can live in harmony under your skin, and apply them to human civilisation, a few billion citizens can certainly live in harmony on this planet.”

When Lynne McTaggart took a break from writing her new book, the contents of which is still a fascinating secret, she agreed that, “One of the fundamental things that has to change in the future of medicine is this focus on the Gene as being the solution to every illness.  If you look at what Epigeneticists are coming up with, you‘ll have an understanding that the gene is really subordinate to this outside information-system known as The Field, and that we have to look at information rather than the gene as the thing that we have to crack.”

Often times, illness is a metaphoric representation of something going on mentally or emotionally with us.  Ritger Palmer used to say, “I won‘t treat the tumour, I‘ll treat the trauma.” and when he did that, the tumour would go away.  We have to ask our body, “What are you trying to tell me?”

A lot of people feel they have to protect themselves from toxic energy or a toxic environment, and they talk about psychic bubbles and that sort of thing, and that doesn’t resonate with Lynne very much because she feels if we’re supposed to all be connected, the last thing we’d want to do is be protected from each other.

“Often times, what you’re picking up, you’re sending out.  One thing we know is that we’re all sending and receiving a constant conversation of quantum light.  There’s a lot of synchronicitous information going back and forth.”  We’re sending and receiving whether we know it or not, and so the likelihood is that that negative situation is partly of your own making because you’re sending out information to help make it so.  So, the first thing Lynne would recommend is to start sending out positive information and energy.

Using kinesiology muscle testing, Dr. John Diamond found that any kind of toxic thought makes somebody’s arm deltoid muscle weak, but the only thing that would keep it strong was going inside yourself and holding onto your homing thought.  By “homing thought” he meant that activity and state of mind that puts you in touch with the divine.  For many people that’s singing or painting or it’s their work; for other people it’s just making a chocolate cake, or being a mother or a father.  It doesn’t have to be your vocation, it can just be the thing that really makes you most transcendent.  In a sense, it was what you were put on this earth to do.  Lynne thinks of that as the strongest antidote to negativity, because it is demonstrated to be the one thing that keeps you strong no matter what is thrown at you.

When you recognise when something isn’t working, it’s your reaction to it that causes the problem or not.  You have to acknowledge the issue, but it’s all in how you focus your mind.  Acknowledge the problem and have the confidence that there’s a solution.

Lynne did a special report on Swine Flu, and demonstrated that the hype is complete and utter nonsense.  “More people die from ordinary flu than have ever died from swine flu.  Part of healing that is just getting past the awfulising and really looking at the facts.  There are several practical things that can be done regarding the negativity of the News.  One is: don’t watch that kind of news.”

We are completely different from what we have been told.  We have to stop thinking of ourselves as this collection of isolated things jostling around in space.  We have to start thinking about ourselves in terms of a ‘pro tem’ system, something that is constant changing energy, that’s connected and engaged; that we exist only in a relationship with the world.  We have to think of ourselves as connected, and that would change everything in the way we think about healing and the way we think about being.

“In 50 years time, the idea of using drugs or surgery is probably going to be considered barbaric.  We’re moving much more towards an understanding of ourselves as being an energetic system.  When you get right down to it, we’re just charge having a relationship with the zero-point field.  If you think of our cells as just pure vibrating packets of nothingness, or energy, then you have to deal with things in a very different way than just carving up pieces of flesh or giving drugs to try to change a chemical reaction.  We’re now understanding that we’re much more subtle than that and we don’t operate in a linear fashion.  If you try to affect one part of us, you affect all parts of us.  And so we have to approach things very differently than the idea of just fix the broken machine.”

Our current methodology clearly demonstrates that it doesn’t work.  It’s time to really question the paradigm we’ve been using on which modern medicine is based.  Now we realise that we’ve been using the wrong paradigm, that we’re something very different from what medicine thinks we are, and so we have to deal with ourselves as an energetic system out of balance, and that‘s really what we should be looking at and trying to heal.

We’re now understanding, from frontier scientists, that we’re all fundamentally connected via this vast quantum energy field, called the Zero-Point Field, which unites us all like an invisible web.  The Field is created from a sub-atomic dance between individual particles constantly trading energy back and forth like an endless game of tennis.

The sub-atomic particles, which are basically just vibrating packages of energy, encode information.  Once one wave bumps into another wave, it encodes that information.  In a sense, the zero-point field, which is a collection of all the waves of all the information in the world is like this memory bank of everything that’s ever been in the world, and if we are somehow connected to this, and all connected together, then we have the ability to access all the information in the world at any point.

“There’s a real strong transformative power in group intention and communal intention,” Lynne reminds us.  “In the face of adversity, get together with your friends and do some intentions together.”  This can also be done at work, if you have people who are like-minded, and can also be done remotely.

Dr Robert Verkerk, founder of the Alliance for Natural Health, says, “It is inconceivable that the medical profession and health authorities won’t, some time in the next 20 years, wake up to the need for an altogether new paradigm for healthcare. This new paradigm, logically, would be sustainable, based around disease prevention rather than disease management, and would need to be centred around nutritional and lifestyle approaches.

This understanding will in time lead to the development of healthcare approaches that are much more compatible with each of our bodies.  And holistic healthcare, in which the mind-body-spirit connection is fully respected, currently the domain of traditional systems of medicine such as those of China and the Indian subcontinent, will ultimately win out.”

There is so much more to say on the subject, and we hope that this will inspire many conversations, but for now, we‘ll leave you with the words of Arielle Essex, a woman who cured herself of a Brain Tumour using NLP: “The most important thing for people to do is to take total responsibility for their health.  Not to think that it comes from outside themselves, or that somebody else can give it to them.  And by taking total responsibility, that may mean that they have to start with choosing the thoughts that they think, so that they are in a good state of mind; the state of mind that‘s most conducive to healing.”

For more info on The Living Matrix movie, visit http://thelivingmatrixmovie.com

For more info on Bruce Lipton, visit www.brucelipton.com

For more info on Lynne McTaggart, visit www.theintentionexperiment.com

For more info on Dr Robert Verkerk, visit www.anhcampaign.org


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