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Create Abundance, Happiness, Peace & Awareness…Dublin Workshops May

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Chloe Goodchild & Catherine Walsh Workshops This May – The Keys to Abundance

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Dublin, May 7th (+ 17th & 18th)
Catherine Walsh is a busy bee this month. Not only is she holding her own workshop (Creating Money: The Keys to Abundance – May 7th), she’s also bringing Chloe Goodchild over for a workshop (Laughing Heart – May 18th) and a Singing Field Evening on May 17th.

The Keys to Abundance course is not just about creating money – you will learn to discover the essence of what it is you are truly longing for: love, well being, happiness, peace, aliveness, awareness of who you are deep within, and learn to magnetise and recognize these qualities in all their forms, when they come.

Contact sjcwalsh@gmail.com or 0870516098

For more info on Chloe, visit thenakedvoice.com/chloe-goodchild

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