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Temple Arts Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Retreat. Ireland, July 2013.

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Temple Arts, Ireland, July 22nd – 28th

temple arts workshop

The International School of Temple Arts is excited to be bringing the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (Level 1) to Ireland for the very first time in July 2013.

Three highly skilled Temple Arts faculty from around the world will teach, share, inspire, guide and bring light to the darkness in a beautiful lakeside retreat location.

Additionally, local guest artists and healers will present during the week.

For the first time, this very special energy & knowledge transfer is being brought to this magical land, fundamentally focused on full self-acceptance and self-love.

This powerful residential retreat will provide a safe container to gently encourage your unfolding.


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meditation October 30, 2013 - 12:40 pm

Our meditation retreats are held on Isla Amantani in Peru. We provide Yoga, spiritual retreats and silent meditation retreats. During the retreats we practice Meditation, Yoga and Self-enquiry together in order to awaken the spiritual heart and directly experience the deepest levels of our being. Spiritual Retreats


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