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Meditation & Mindful Awareness Retreats & Teacher Training, Dublin, Sept 27/28 & Nov 8/9

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Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats & Teacher Training

Mindfulness Retreat Dublin

Dublin, Sept 27/28 & Nov 8/9
Learn to relax, boost vitality and feel in control of your life with using meditation and mindful awareness self-help techniques.  It’s easy when you know how.  The concept of emptying the mind – is a myth.  However through regular meditation practice we can control the mind, train it to work for us and experience the power of manifestation. Imagine enjoying ‘the stillness’ and feeling fantastic, confident and alive every day!

The secrets revealed: Join us for our next introductory weekend retreat in Dublin on 27/28th September, €130, and gain insights into powerful yet simple 10 minute meditations to reduce stress and anxiety;  explore mindful awareness; learn how to be happy and master your emotions. A daily meditation practice enables you to become the creator of your destiny.

In depth course leading to Teacher Training level:  take your practice to a whole new level. The complete Dru Meditation course runs over 18 months and begins on Nov 8/9th.

Embarking on this profound meditation journey, will help lead you to greater self-awareness and spiritual awakening – whatever your age, experience or faith. Course content also includes working with the chakras, Koshas, pranayama, mantra, yoga, grounding, visualization, group dynamics, psychic anatomy and protection and stress management skills.  It can also lead to a Mediation Teacher Training qualification (optional).

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