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Let Paul Buggle Shine a Light on Your Future…

by Admin

Psychic medium, Paul Buggle, is back from West Hollywood and doing readings in Dublin. 


Paul is a psychic medium from Dublin and has been developing his gifts as an intuitive for twenty years and is great at bringing people peace as well as guidance.

“I was so thrilled that Paul came as he helped to direct me on a new path of healing which I found ‘profound’. Paul is very connected; he works with the Spiritual female principal connecting deeply to your spirit so that he understands you on an energetic level”  – client testimonial.

“When I do a reading I blend with your spirit so I can understand your dilemma. This brings through a lot of information and healing. In a reading I communicate with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over. It works on many levels, answers questions and brings about balance and harmony. It is always enjoyable and often profound.”  – Paul Buggle

If you would like to book a session you’ll have to do so soon as Paul is off to Canada in three weeks time.

Contact Paul on 0871257073

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