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Emmett in Ireland – A personal journey. By Hilary Campbell-Martin

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Emmett in Ireland

Emmett technique ireland

A personal journey.

By Hilary Campbell-Martin  

In 2009, I travelled to England for Modules 1 and 2 of the EMMETT Technique with the originator of the therapy, Ross Emmett. I knew very little about it. I had seen the course advertised in a magazine and something about the name resonated with me. A fellow therapist had studied several of the modules and I was intrigued.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. When Mr. Emmett came out to teach, a number of things struck me. He was very confident, very male, very Australian and he had cool hair! For the first hour I listened to him speak about his life and how his experiences shaped his work. I thought, “Ho hum, another bloke telling us (mostly female therapists) how great he, and his technique was.” Then I watched him work – and it was a life changer.

Immediately I saw that Ross became someone else once he began to work on a student. It was as if a bubble appeared around them, only he and the student existed. I saw changes happening within student’s bodies that defied explanation. “It can’t work that quickly”, I though but it did and it does!  I began using the moves from Modules 1 and 2 immediately, integrating them into my existing therapies. I was getting results that both my clients I found astounding. I found myself able to correct issues in minutes rather than over a series of weeks.

Once I qualified in all 6 Modules, Ross asked me to teach the EMM-Tech course and in 2011 he asked me to join the instructing team for the UK and Ireland. I am continuously inspired by the changes I can help other therapists create with their clients.


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