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What is Kundalini Yoga?

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Sharon Ní Chuilibín, aka Simrit Kaur, explains the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.


By Sharon Ní Chuilibín aka Simrit Kaur

“The Creator and the Creation are One. That which we Vibrate – we Become. We are Creative Beings. Living in our True Identity we are Fearless and Revengeless. We are to live as God has made us, we are Infinite, a living image of God, living by the Grace of God. Focus! Meditate on that which was True in the Primal Beginning, is True through every Activity and Age is true Now at this instant – Forever True.”  – A translation of the Mul Mantra used in Kundalini Yoga.

We breath, and and so we live. Breathing more deeply, more fully, slowly and consciously filling our lungs to capacity – our hearts receive a gentle massage. The fluid of our spine flows more freely. As we expand our Awareness, we contact our inner selves. We become more aware of our own Truth, our needs and who we are. Slowly we come to experience our connection to that Infinity that dwells within us – our horizon expands as does our capacity to live our Destiny.

Kundlini Yoga was brought to the West by a man known to us affectionately as Yogi Bhajan. A Yoga for everyone, it is designed to be integrated in normal life – one does not have to become an ascetic and live in an ashram to receive it’s full benefits. Through Kundalini Yoga we have an opportunity to train ourselves in our capacity for Intelligence, Endurance and Integrity. The first classes were taught in the Woodstock era of the US, at the height of the Hippy Era, 1969. To those who sought to expand their consciousness through Drugs, Yogi Bhajan offered Experience and a discipline or Sadhana, that could deliver a person to their own Infinity, saying, “I have come to create Teachers not to gather students, I have come by my Guru’s grace to serve those souls who will serve the Aquarian Age”.

Without a doubt there are great challenges and changes upon us – but this is also an opportunity to develop a lifestyle that can help us and support us through the crises that we are collectively facing. Yogi Bhajan left a legacy of precious teachings showing us how we can develop ourselves to meet the challenges of our times.

In Kundalini Yoga we find techniques that are simple, easy to do, and they work. Like sandpaper for the ego, a Spiritual Teaching helps us to break down those attachments that keep us limited and small. There is a part of us that belongs to Infinity. Through Kundalini Yoga we can expand our horizons in the light of this infinite power, whether it is called Cosmos or God or our Subconscious Mind. Through developing The Neutral Mind with meditation, and developing our intuition, we are better equipped to navigate the personal, and collective challenges of our times.

“The outer education provided by our access to information must be matched by an inner education in wisdom, self-control, intuition and the use of the neutral mind.” -Yogi Bhajan. Today more than ever, we need to look within for answers and connect, beyond Fear, to the Infinite energy of the Cosmos.

Today, rather than breathing deeply and fully we tend to live on a shallow breath, few of us have that depth and fullness. Our sympathetic nervous system is overly taxed and few of us know truly how to relax. It was the relaxation that I experienced in a Kundalini Yoga class that I found most healing and beneficial. Through our physical exercise, through vigorously working with the body, our minds come to a point of stillness in relaxation . Our minds are then prepared and ready for meditation, where we can unload the dross of our unconscious and become more aware and more in charge of our own lives.

Simrit Kaur will share these teachings at their upcoming Open Day, February 7th 2015. St. Kevin’s Hall, 46 Bloomfield Ave.,Portobello, Dublin 8. There shall be full 90 minute classes including Kriya, Relaxation and Meditation as well as shorter Meditation classes and Talks throughout the day.

solascroi.eu | facebook.com/KundaliniYogaDublin | kundaliniresearchinstitute.org

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