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Seminars.ie & Buddha Bag Meeting Presents: Dr Menis Yousry – The Mystery of Relationships

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Tuesday 10th March 2015, 7.30-9.30pm,  Grand Canal Hotel | Book Now | Facebook Event Page

“Your most important relationship is with yourself.”

Dr Menis Yousry is one of the world’s most effective personal development practitioners. He is the founder and facilitator of the Essence Process and a family and systemic psychotherapist and psychologist. Menis works with thousands of people every year in over 20 countries, working in a variety of different contexts – including with business leaders, the army and prison services. He uses unique experiential methodologies for his highly practical self-development courses. His book Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find the Real You is published by Hay House, the world’s leading mind, body and spirit publisher and is available in five languages.

Love is the deepest experience we can have as human beings, but it can be such a mystery. When we fall in love with someone, we can go into a kind of hypnotic trance at first, believing that this new person is a true source of happiness for us. Our expectations of love are highly influenced by films, love songs, fairy tales, and our own early experiences. We can become trapped in the meanings that we give it. And then, as we move out of that initial hypnotic state and the realities of life together start to bite, what is it that’s really provoking us? Psychologist and renowned family therapist Dr Menis Yousry will ask, what is love, really? How can we love and be free at the same time? His perspectives will surprise you and empower you to make changes that support every relationship in your life.

About the Essence Process

The Essence Process provides unique experiential personal development courses through which participants gain powerful insights into their lives and behaviour patterns, learning valuable tools they can use in everyday life. The courses move us beyond judgement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to focus on what works and what doesn’t. Through practical exercises we explore our motivations and limitations with acceptance and compassion, enabling a much deeper understanding of ourselves and others. The Essence Process offers four courses: Foundation, Advance, Relationships and Leadership.

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