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Feng Shui: Inner Space, the final frontier, by Amanda Collins

by Amanda Sophia

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Spring is one of many powerful times to create fresh new energy in your home, to welcome positive energy and let go of the old. Space Clearing is the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces and an effective technique for clearing and revitalising the energy in buildings. Other potent times to clear space are whenever seasons change, days of new or full moons, after illness, after visitors you did not feel good about, after stress-inducing changes or transitions in life, and after a remodel.

Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, and that energy in places you live, work, shop and socialise can have far-reaching effects on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. If an argument, divorce or robbery occurs in a home, and that energy does not get cleared, it can build.

An accumulation of clutter, frequent arguments or broken objects may signal its presence. But clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with it once again, support you in getting back on track emotionally, regaining your interest in life and the future and aid clearing the way for prosperity and productivity in business.

How to Space Clear

Protect your own energy before clearing your home. Visualise surrounding yourself in white light that grows and expands further outside your body, sealing you in a protective cloud. Be sure that children and pets are not present.

You can choose several modalities of clearing such as playing a singing bowl and burning sage. Or you might walk around clapping your hands, singing or chanting in the space. Go into each corner and follow your intuition about moving into closets and under tables – wherever you feel the need for cleansing.

Open all doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate. Meditate and ground yourself. Call upon your guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors – whomever you feel will assist.

Light a candle and state your intention: What would you like to achieve during this space clearing? Perhaps “May my space be filled with love energy for the highest good of all.”

Start inside the house with your back to the front door. Face into the home, which should be as clear, clean and tidy as possible before you start. Once you begin, continue clockwise through the house.

Clear space with the powerful purifier of love in your heart, and use sounds such as a bell, chimes or a singing bowl. Burn sage, sweetgrass or cedar. If you are burning herbs you will need a container, such as an abalone shell or clay bowl, to hold your smudging material. Add some sand to the bottom of this shell or bowl.

The sage stick does not need to flame – the smoke should rise straight up to the divine.If you prefer not to use smoke, a spritz such as sage or rose spray is a viable alternative.

At the end of the clearing, seal in your positive intention, thank your spirit guides and ask that the smoke and sound vibrations carry all negative energies away.

Visualise the house surrounded in a ball of white light and place a water fountain at the front door or front gate. Keep doors and windows open for as long as possible, and give thanks for your life and home.


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