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Thursday 16 April Buddha Bag Meeting: Heartmath with Dr. Matthew Whitacre

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Dr. Whitacre is a Board-Certified Family Physician specializing in Integrative Medicine in the United States.  As the founder of The Makah Wellness Center, an award winning state of the art Wellness Center, he created a model clinic integrating various modalities including: acupuncture, lifestyle coaching, massage, physical therapy, fitness and nutritional programs and community involvement as part of an individual’s overall  treatment plan. Recognising the importance of the emotional aspects of Well-Being, Dr. Whitacre facilitated the creation of a mental health program utilising the latest tools and technologies in the field of Mind-Body Medicine.

At the Buddha Bag Meeting, he will lead an interactive discussion exploring the dynamic connection between our Body and Mind and our emotions.  By better understanding this connection, we are able to move into a more balanced, “coherent” state of well-being. Research has shown that this can help in a number of different ways: from simple stress management to boosting our inner resiliency, intuition, and energy levels, to improving our overall health and wellbeing!

Dr. Whitacre has traveled throughout the United States and Europe presenting workshops, lectures and providing consultative services and considers health as an ever flowing journey towards wellness and balance with many potential pathways to follow—pathways he believes Integrative Medicine helps to highlight in a collaborative, evidence based fashion.

Watch a video on Heartmath below


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