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Evolution of Healing – Dissolving Limitations

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Energy Medicine Ireland

By Flish McCarthy

Since reading Gary Zugav’s Seat of the Soul in the 90s, I have been studying and using the emerging Energy Medicine therapies. I moved to Colorado seeking sunshine and change and I found both in Denver. While living on the edge of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, I volunteered my Reiki skills to support others in healing. As I had used several of EM’s biofield therapies to assist my own recovery, I was a passionate volunteer.

It was through my volunteer work that I discovered the holistic nursing board certified (AHNA) Healing Touch therapy. I was impressed by its commitment to a code of ethics as well as its standardised practice. The essence of Healing Touch (HT) therapy is that it is a heart centred energy, directed with grounded intention and was developed by a nurse in Colarado whose ambition was “to have a pair of healing hands in every hospital ward.” Taught in the barrios of Peru and Chile by Irish nuns, university hospitals in the US, the Netherlands and amongst the Tamil speaking natives of India, HT is a leading light for many holistic and traditional medicine practitioners alike.

A teacher of mine described her vision of the future of health care; when confronted by a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenge, a person would have a team of support working alongside traditional medicine professionals, to bring the person back to health and balance. Let’s imagine a community of healers working together for the common good of all.


This is taken from our Spring 2015 issue. Subscribe here to receive our summer issue and three more.

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