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Evergreen – Growing Galway Health and Expanding Online

by Elva Carri
health food shops galway

Healthy community, happy people.

health food shops galway


By Elva Carri

Evergreen, a chain of six health food stores in Galway and an online store, was founded by Kieran and Aideen Hurley with their first shop opening in 1992. According to Therese Hyland, the manager of their latest store in Oranmore, their aim was simply to provide foods for special dietary requirements. The business has grown a lot since then, expanding into beauty care, eco-friendly cleaning products, sports nutrition, supplements and more.

I asked Therese if she thinks interest in natural and holistic approaches to health has grown and she explained how much more educated and empowered even the customers have become, “People are taking a more preventative approach with their health and looking to avoid taking medications if they can help it. There is much more awareness of the impact diet and lifestyle can have on our health and wellbeing.”

Staff like to be able to help the customer even more and that ethos is manifested with weekly staff training provided and further study actively encouraged. Creating a positive impact on the communities local to their shops and building great relationships with the people around them is another really important day to day element for them.

Therese’s top tip for summer health is to take a good probiotic, “Generally there is a shift in people’s routine and eating habits come summertime and this can disrupt our digestion system and leave us feeling a bit bloated and out of sorts. A good probiotic will help balance the gut flora and protect our immune system.”

They’ve also got a super slick online store for anyone wanting to shop with Evergreen but not based in Galway. evergreen.ie

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