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Tonight at The Buddha Bag Meeting – Kim Belissimo is Going to Help You Change Your Life

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Tickets €15/€10 Concession | Email buddhabagmeeting@gmail.com to book | Facebook event page

Kim Bellisimo comes to Ireland to share her EnergyWorks practice – a heart-based method created to teach you how to redesign your life from the inside out.

EnergyWorks is a powerful and effective process for everything from relationship problems to resolving family agreements, transforming work and money issues, and whatever aspect of your life needs to be renewed. Kim opens the wisdom of the heart and pulls in four fields of energy, connecting and grounding you, while unifying the positive and negative to activate the blueprint of your life

EnergyWorks is about manifesting the invisible, subtle, creative energy that resides within us all. When most people attempt to create something new, they try to take action. However, they’re often blocked by their own internal resistance, which creates the opposite of their desired outcome and reinforces failure.

Kim can teach you how to see energy clearly. She can help you to uncover your reasons for attracting negative experiences or unwanted personal patterns that seem to repeat themselves. Then with heart-based energy movement, Kim clears out blocks in your space and helps you create a new field of reality, providing you with tools for ongoing transformation

What to Expect From the Evening at The Buddha Bag
– An introduction to Kim’s EnergyWorks practice and methodology
– Learn how to identify and clarify intentions.
– Learn how to identify negative energetic patterns, and how to transform them.
– Learn how to create something positive and new.

About Kim 
Kim Bellisimo, M.A. received her master’s degree in Life Transition Counseling from the University of San Francisco. Her clients include companies, non-profits and individuals, both young and old. Her workshops, online courses, and audio presentations are based on the underlying principal that by manifesting and unifying the energy that dwells within and around us, we can unleash our creative force and be in a better life.

Kim has held a life long intention to come to Ireland. The mission of this visit is to introduce her EnergyWorks practice here and she will also be hosting a special 2.5hour intensive workshop on Sat 28 Nov, specifically designed to clear your energy and get it moving. It will consist of EnergyWorks exercises that will have specific application to each participant’s personal issues. It will also explore the collective energy field on the island of Ireland. The workshop will consist of body movement, directing of the mind’s attention, and opening to the wisdom of the heart as a means of connecting and accessing your energy field.

Find out more about Kim’s intensive weekend workshop >

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