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The Positive Vibes section of our magazine is devoted to highlighting small businesses, artists, creatives and trailblazers who are doing some truly stellar work in the holistic health field. Enjoy the Autumn 2021 edition below: packed with ideas to improve your season and bring some light into the darkening days.

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”

– Sarah Addison Allen

Positive Nights

We have an exciting update to share here at Positive Nights HQ. We will return to live events this autumn, with a selection of great movie screenings, including Gabor Maté’s new documentary, The Wisdom of Trauma. Stay tuned for all the details!


Forest Bathing

Looking to deeply relax this autumn? Check out the forest bathing week being offered by Sarah Eva Manson this October. She says, ‘forest bathing is a multisensory nature immersive experience. It is underpinned by mindfulness principles, encouraging an opening of the senses to the forest atmosphere, and fostering an emotional connection to it.’


Angel Stories

Michelle Keane’s first book ‘The Discovery of Kingdom Water’ chronicled her experience of uncovering seven sacred springs on her land in Co. Kerry. Now, she has written a beautiful follow-up book called ‘Kingdom of Angels’, that recounts the pivotal role that angels and the Divine presence have played in human lives.


Welcoming Health

We love the new Dun Laoghaire branch of Horan’s Health Store – one of their many outlets around the country. The friendly and knowledgeable staff make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in. Horan’s boasts an impressive array of supplements, health foods, spiritual books and crystals: it’s a one-stop shop for all of your needs.


Vitality Lifters

Herbal Goodness

We’re huge fans of Hayley Power: an acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner and community herbalist based in Bantry, Co. Cork. Hayley works intuitively with the plants and herbs in her teas, so they each serve as potent yet gentle relaxing brews. Each blend comes with a matching guided meditation. Learn more at:


Homemade Healer

We recently came across a great home- made skincare recipe. Simply slice up an aubergine, mix it well with a spoonful of high quality apple cider vinegar, and leave in the fridge for five days. When the apple cider vinegar discolours, strain the liquid through a sieve and you will be left with a superb homemade skin product.

Harmonise The Body

Egoscue is a game changer in the bodywork world. With a few simple exercises, you can completely harmonise the body and correct the postural issues that lead to chronic pain. Egoscue users report feeling more at ease and comfortable in their bodies. Founder Pete Egoscue knows his stuff!


Feel The (Fat) Burn

Abundance and Health have prepared the ideal fat-burning kickstarter, in the form of their new Butterfat Keto – the ultimate keto creamer. This is a unique blend of coconut sourced MCT oil – containing C8 medium chain triglycerides – with deliciously creamy organic ghee and butter. The MCT oil gets burned for fuel in your body, rather than stored as fat.


Liposome Benefits

Porebski Liposomes produce awesome liposomal vitamin blends, specially formulated to ensure maximum absorption. Husband and wife team Ryszard and Aleksandra are the geniuses of the vitamin world. Their liposomal products are manufactured in Ireland, under a strict HACCP food safety protocol … and they taste great too.


Fire It Up

Botanic Revival’s Fire Tonic is a powerhouse. It was specially formulated to pack a plethora of beneficial root botanicals into a single shot of raw apple cider vinegar. As we begin to turn towards the colder half of the year, what better way to warm yourself up?


Inner Gorilla Power

Naturopath Jan Keating N.D. created Gorilla Superfood Powder after undertaking eight years of research into the most powerful and balanced combination of fruit, veg, superfoods, herbs, mushrooms and microalgae … as well as ensuring that the resulting mixture tasted great! These beneficial ingredients are easy to take – try them in water, or mix them into a delicious juice or smoothie.


Treat Yourself

(Vegan) Milking Time

If you’re a plant-based foodie with a passion for whipping up your own food creations, you may want to check out Kama Hemp’s latest offering: a vegan milk maker. This handy kit will give you all the tools you need to make plant milks from any nut, grain or seed. We love it!


A Helpful App

Hempful CBD are helpful indeed, when it comes to all things CBD. The company offers some amazing products – their CBD coffee is a must-have, for all coffee aficionados – and they have just launched a new cool loyalty app called Rebalance. This app enables you to earn points and pick up some free CBD along the way!


Chocolate Delights

The Hungry Vegan is a new business that plant-based foodies are sure to love. We can’t get enough of their amazing handmade chocolates! The company is committed to producing quality products, stored in eco-friendly packaging. They have stockists across Leinster, and you can also order their treats online.


Unwrap Goodness

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a holistic therapy lover in your life, we highly recommend a Good4all Giftcard. This card enables the holder to access blissful treatments from fully qualified and insured holistic practitioners. The Good4all database is filled with practitioners from all over Ireland, ready and waiting to help users improve their health and wellbeing.


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