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Discover the Benefits of Fermented Food with Cultured Kitchen

by Admin

Cultured Kitchen

Cultured Kitchen is an independent Irish fermented food company run by a couple of food fanatics – Aoife Martinho and Dominic Breslin.

By Aoife Martinho

Kimchi became an everyday part of our lives about a year ago when we experienced the first hand benefits. Dominic had had stomach problems such as acid reflux,bloating and cramps. I was studying nutritional therapy in college and learned about the benefits fermented foods could provide a digestive system.

Fermented foods have naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help populate your gut and help assimilate and absorb nutrients from your food. Nutrition is something we are passionate about. We believe in keeping it simple. Fermenting is a simple way to create your own personal superfoods. Anyone can do it. All you need is a jar, some veg, salt and your hands!

Wishing you all the best on your own fermented journey.


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