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Summer 2016 issue Short and Sweet: An Irish Summer

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An Irish Summer

From Heatwave to Moonsoon

Couple inside car with umbrella out of the sunroof

By Gavin Ryan

I just love lying out in the sun with a good book and some music playing. Now that the summer is here, I’ll be grabbing every opportunity that comes my way. If you see me down by the seaside with my swimming togs, umbrella and wooly hat, you’ll know that I’m ready for anything the Irish summer can throw at me. One thing it’s easy to forget in an Irish summer is suncream. Sunburn at any age is no fun. Staying hydrated and knowing how best to avoid sunburn ensures you can make the most of those precious days outside in nature. Here’s a handy formula when you’re trying to work out how much suncream you need for you and your family: Skins own protection time x sun protection factor (SPF). For example, for fair skin this means approx. 10 min x SPF 20 = 200 min= 3 hours of sun exposure time.

As each skin type has its own natural protection time, it’s wise to use suncream in a way that works best for you. Organic mineral suncreams reflect both UVA and UVB rays and are effective immediately. Maybe it’s worth packing some next time the sun pays us a welcome visit. The Organii sun range are organic mineral-based creams for the whole family.


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