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Summer 2016 issue Short and Sweet: Violet & Red

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Violet & Red

Rebalancing your Body’s Energy Systems

Beautiful amethyst druse close-up

By Frances Flannery

Amethyst as a colour has long been associated with spirituality, transformation, calming and soothing. It is known as the healer’s colour. But on a physical level the stone itself has the ability to amplify light and heat. In the practice of colour therapy, amethyst is often used to help balance feelings of grief and loss and to bring about resolution relating to anyone who is in your life in spirit or who has passed. It may allow hidden anger to surface and be dealt with
on a very deep level. Red is to do with awakening, our will to live, grounding, courage and practicality. It is the fire in our bellies that impels us to do that which we need to do. But when this colour is imbalanced it can lead to tiredness and anger.

The V-Mat Biomat makes use of these natural properties. It is made of two layers. The lower layer consists of far infra-red heat panels and the top layer is 22lbs of pure amethyst crystals. Using a switch, the device is plugged in and heats up. Once the crystals in the mat become hot, you lie on it. What you are experiencing is a deep rebalancing of the body’s energy systems. Perhaps that is to do with the Violet and Red working together in colour therapy.


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