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The Natural Health Expo 2016: Some of our Favorite Picks!

by Admin

October began with us visiting the Natural Health Expo 2016!


The place was bustling with wonderful and natural skin, food products and much more! We loved all but here are our top 10 fantastic picks:

Altrient C Supplement

Vitamin C

Abundance and health presents Altrient C. This is a supplement with a difference; it’s a powerful way to get vitamin C directly into your cells. We have tried it and we definitely love it. We hear Gwyneth paltrow also loves it, taking it before flying to boost her immunity! She knows what’s good! This is definitely well worth checking out to protect you this winter.


Flaska Water Bottle

Remember Dr. Masaru Emoto and his groundbreaking work with water crystals? He proved that the energy we project towards water has a dramatic effect on the water crystals, and therefore how that water can nourish us even more when we send it good vibes. Photographs of the result showed how love and gratitude produced the most beautiful water crystals.
These Flaska guys have produced a glass water bottle programmed using a TPS procedure. A bottle programmed this way changes the water’s vibrational structure. It will optimise your drinking water big time, plus it looks super cool and they have customised sleeves on the bottles in different colours and they come emblazoned with symbols like flower of life and other gems. We love it.

MAG 365

Products containing magnesium

These guys are great! Brought to you by the charming George Esser and the irrepressible John Baldwin, their magnesium products are the best. Their newest addition is a combination of calcium , magnesium, and vitamin D to keep you calm and nicely nourished. It totally rocks!

Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH)

Healthy food in heart and cholesterol diet concept

This amazing institute established in Ireland in 2002 offers many insightful and useful nutrition courses for everyone looking to lead a healthier life, one meal at a time! Among the courses, they have Nutritional Therapy to help change eating habits for better health. Go ahead and visit their website, they have loads of information, plans, a community and more to help you follow a healthier diet.


Urban Veda

Dried herb mix and moisturizers

Based on Ayurvedic principles this is a fabulous line of skincare for your Dosha types. Paul is Pitta Vata and he has to say, after a week using these products my skin feels, amazing. This man is getting a lot of nods and winks and he’s thankful to these guys for increasing his attractiveness! Check them out!


Dr. Bronner Products

Dr Bronner's Review

We adore these guys. Always with an incredible line of natural and beautiful coconut oils, amazing soaps and more; all natural. They are taking the world by storm! These guys are always way ahead of the game.




This is an amazing company focused on quality in the health food sector. They recently launched Menomin. A supplement that focus on helping women with Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms. Paul was at the launch and he definitely learned a lot!. He is a changed man now.


Nua Naturals

Asian spa setting with coconut, turmeric, lime, cinnamon, anise

These raw geniuses have just launched a Turmeric latte. You probably know that Turmeric is the super food to end all Superfoods; also known as the Golden spice! Now you can cosy up this winter with this golden drink in a mix of turmeric and coconut.


Proven Probiotics

Parents hold baby's hands.  Happy family in park evening

Developed by Dr Nigel Plummer and produced by the only manufacturer in Europe approved to make probiotics as medicines; these guys certainly know their stuff! Complete with a kids chewable range, and one aimed at fertility, this is an all round probiotic for all.



Body care product,shower and shamphoo with plumeria flower

This a full range of all things organic and skincare, check out their fab Organii mouthwash range, shower gels and luxurious hand soaps.Top quality for all! You can pick it up at your local health store.

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