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Autumn Issue 2016 Short & Sweet: Change the World

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Choose a Career in Nutrition & Health

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By Richard Burton

It’s amazing how much more conscious people are becoming about health and nutrition. What was once confined to athletes and a few keep-fit enthusiasts, has now become mainstream. This is a really positive development. Because of this, we can expect not just greater longevity, but also a much higher quality of life for the years we are given.

One of the factors that brought about this change, is that people are now seeking out information on nutrition and wellbeing far more than they did before. For this, they look to the professionals. You can now find qualified lifestyle coaches and nutritional experts in most towns around the country.

The Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health (IINH), Bray, Co Wicklow, has pioneered nutrition and lifestyle education in Ireland since 2002. We were the first college to train Health Coaches and Nutritional Therapists, both with internationally recognised qualifications.

Our graduates can be found working around the world in all health related fields including one-to-one coaching and therapy, group sessions and workshops, teaching, R&D, media work and beyond, such is the demand for their expertise in these more enlightened times.

For those who regard good health as the most precious of assets, what career could be more appealing? Our courses will give you the opportunity to get out there and make a difference.



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