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Autumn issue 2016 Short & Sweet: Test Drive

by Admin

Terranova Life Drink

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By Gavin Ryan

I eat a pretty good diet of mainly raw organic vegetables with cheese, nuts and occasionally fish to make up the protein I need. I’ve never considered taking supplements until my publisher asked me to try Life Drink. It’s a vitamin and mineral supplement made by Terranova.

Looking into the ingredients, I noted that Life Drink provides an impressive array of health-promoting natural ingredients including a balanced pea and rice protein blend, spirulina and chlorella, vegetarian omega oils, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it seems to be packed with the nutrition that the body needs to maintain health.

We all know that eating local, organic fruit and veg from a farmer’s market or from your own garden is the best way to get the nutrition your body needs. Nothing is more wonderful or nourishing than cooking up nature’s finest. With our busy lives and limited budgets, sometimes we need something that we can reach for that will fill that need in a way that our time or finances allow. Supplements are ideal for this.

I mixed the powder into my morning porridge (which turned it spirulina green). It tastes fine. I took 15g per day as suggested. It’s too soon to say whether I’ve had any health benefits yet, but looking at the science behind it, I can see why supplements now form an important part of our diets.

Life Drink is available in health food stores nationwide.


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