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Autumn Issue 2016: Honour Your Divinity

by Admin

Nurture The Self Within

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By Caoimhe Harrison

What if this very moment was sent to you as an invitation to begin now in some small way to honour yourself? How could you begin to do that? We give of ourselves so much each day in so many ways. We give to our family, our loved ones, we give to our work, we give to our commitments. We give to others. When is it time to give to ourselves? Our life is made up of different relationships. When we nurture our relationships they flourish. When we neglect them they suffer. This is also true of our relationship with our Self. If I keep going around giving of myself time after time and emptying my cup, when do I take the time to fill mine?How can I give if my cup is empty? I am here to invite you to begin filling your cup now, this very second.

You might wonder how this can be done.It could be something as simple as pausing, stopping what you are doing and taking three deep relaxed breaths.Sit with your Self for a minute without any distractions. Acknowledge yourself right here in this moment. Acknowledge all that you are, all that you have come through and all that you do. Even if you are struggling you are still here and you have still gotten yourself to this day.Could you even give some gratitude to yourself in this moment? It could before some big achievement or even the smallest one. Maybe it’s that you got yourself out of bed this morning, some days that, in and of itself, can be a big achievement. Maybe it’s that you’re still reading this considering the possibility of giving to yourself more.

So what are we really doing here? What is it that we are looking to honour? We are honouring the Self. The Self that has been with us since the very beginning and will carry on with us right through until our last breath. The Self that is the exact same now as it was when we were young. The Self that doesn’t change no matter what age we are, what weight we are, where we live, what we do. The Self that is ageless,changeless,formless. The Self that knows when we are awake, the Self that knows we have slept. The Self that reports our dreams back to us in the morning. The Self that knows that we are sad, the Self that knows that we are happy. This is the One who you are honouring now. This is the One you are giving back to in this moment. This is the One who doesn’t fall prey to our neurotic tendencies or fear-based thinking. This is the One who gives us strength and moments of pure clarity. This is the One who is waiting for us to turn to it so that it can reveal itself to us even more. Consider honouring this presence within you and watch how it showers its grace upon you more and more in everyday moments.This is your Divinity. Honour it.



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