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Positive Vibes Awesome August 2017: Competitions, Concerts, Events and more!

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Awesome August! We are definitely enjoying a good summer, and the last month of this lively season is going out with a bang! There’s plenty of events and activities to do in Dublin city and all over this beautiful island and we are all taking advantage of the fair weather. To pair up with the buzz we are bringing you some beautiful news including events, three amazing competitions, Positive Nights news,  as well as retreats event recommendations & more! Our fabulous Summer magazine edition is still out! Sign up here to get  a hot copy in your postbox! Loads of love, from all the team. Join us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter if you haven’t already.

Leopard Warrior at Positive Nights!

John Lockley

Positive Nights is on a short summer break! We will return on the 24th of August with a lovely surprise.

HERES  a heads up on one of our upcoming events…from our AUTUMN SCHEDULE: 

Date: August 31st, 2017

Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2

A very interesting evening. John lockey is the Author of the upcoming book Leopard Warrior, he is a fully initiated sangoma (healer & shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. His remarkable journey through the constrains of Apartheid is a testament to the human spirit, and to the power of frogiveness and reconciliation.

click here to get your tickets and learn more!

Thrive: Wellness @ Groove Festival!

Crowd of Audience at during a concert

Groove Summer Festival presents Thrive, the Festival’s all new health, fitness and wellness quarter,  which offers festival goers the chance to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise the mind, body and soul through a jam-packed programme of over 35 free movement classes, wellness workshops and inspirational talks.

Remember that we are also giving away two tickets for two winners each for this fantastic festival! Simply follow Positive Life on Facebook or Twittershare this post on your Facebook or Twitter page and tag @positivelifemag so we know!

Click here to learn more and book your tickets!

Spirit of Folk 2017

spirit folk image

A Beautiful Spiritual Gathering

The event is alcohol free to ease your connection with nature!

Location: Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, Ireland

Date: 9th – 10th September

Spirit of Folk presents the Dunderry Park Festival 20th Anniversary: The Gathering 2017. This celebration will feature some SOFF favourites with a specially curated SOFF stage and storytelling in the cairn, along with a whole host of inspiring speakers and workshops. WE have been before and  we love the vibe, we also hosted MARTIN DUFFY at one of our recent Positive nights and he is the biz.

Click here to book and for more info!

Sir Richard Branson @ Pendulum Summit 2018!

Positive Vibes August 2017c

Date: January 10th – 11th, 2018

The Pendulum summit is returning to Ireland! This is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit taking place on January 10th – 11th 2018 at the Convention Centre in Dublin. Among the confirmed speakers are Top Sport Psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella and NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff. Headlining the event will be Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Adventurer Sir Richard Branson. Our Autumn 2017 Positive Life issue will feature Sir Branson and his sacred approach to business, so stay tuned!

Visit Pendulumsummit.com for more info!

The Beautiful melody of Deva Premal & Miten

DevaMiten image article

Remember we are giving away two tickets for this beautiful Concert! Simply share this post on your Facebook or Twitter page and tag @positivelifemag so we know!

Deva Premal & Miten concert

Date: September 22nd, 2017

Time: 7:30pm

Location: RDS, Dublin

Celebrated chant masters Deva Premal & Miten bring their Temple at Midnight Tour to Ireland. Accompanied by Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, with Canadian Joby Baker on bass and Danish percussionist Rishi, their unique, spiritually inspired evenings of mantra, song, and chant are treasured by audiences around the planet.


Experience the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle

eckhart tolle image

Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2017

RDS centre, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Globally renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle will be in Dublin for this special event. His profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfilment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution.

Click here for tickets and click here to read our recent interview with this lovely man & here to listen to the conversation between Paul and Eckhart!

Dr. Joe Dispenza in Dublin!

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Remember we have two tickets to give away for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop weekend event in Dublin from September 29th – October 1st, 2017. Just follow us on Facebook or Twitter, share this post and tag us to let us know!

Date: September 29- October 1st

Royal Dublin Society (RDS), Merrion Road, Ballsbridge 

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop returns to Dublin in 2017 presenting a unique three day workshop where Joe will lead you through the language of science to reveal the latest research and findings of how to step into a new personal reality!

You can get tickets and learn more here!

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