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Hempfully Amazing: New Line of Hemp-Based Products Taking Europe By Storm

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Hempfully Amazing: New Line of Hemp-Based Products Taking Europe By Storm

If you are interested in discovering some of the amazing benefits of hemp, you need to check out Hempful’s amazing range of body butters, tea, moisturisers and CBD oils, to name a few. Hempful prides themselves on the great working relationships they have formed with a number of independent hemp farmers throughout Europe, who grow only natural, sustainable crops.

Hempfully Amazing: New Line of Hemp-Based Products Taking Europe By Storm

Hemp is becoming more and more widely known these days for its health-boosting properties. The non-hallucinogenic properties of this incredibly versatile and eco-friendly plant can be used to make food, textiles, paper, clothing and fuel, to name just a few. Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Hemp is the only plant that contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. These nutrients assist in a wide array of bodily functions and organs, including metabolism, skin maintenance, mood and behaviour, the brain, and the heart. Hemp CBD oil, also known as Cannabis Oil or Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound which comes from the bud and flower of Hemp. This amazing compound reacts with our body’s natural Cannabiniod system to enable it to function properly, which is a major factor for keeping us healthy.

Hempful has developed a versatile range of products that enable customers to feel the benefit of these remarkable attributes for themselves. On their website, they state: “At Hempful, our goal is to research, develop, educate and deliver sustainable, innovative and beneficial hemp based Health Foods, Supplements and Personal Care Products and support the global demand for a cleaner, healthier planet.We are proud of our products and the positive impact they have on our customers and our planet.”

As part of this commitment, Hempful collaborated with partners from across the UK and Europe in 2016. They took their ideas to the foremost industry experts in Europe, developed their first products, and began to establish very positive working relationships with independent hemp farmers across the continent, who are committed to growing natural, sustainable crops.

Hempful’s range now includes: Purely Hemp Body Butter – a rich, moisturising body butter suitable for everyday use; Hempful CBD Oil in 250mg, 500mg800mg or 1500mg varieties; a variety of moisturisers for men and women; and even CDB-rich hemp tea.

You can learn more about Hempful’s fantastic range via their website. If you are the manager of a health store who would like to stock their products, visit Rossmore Health: a leading online retailer of healthy juices, cosmetics, supplements, and other products to assist customers in living a fulfilled, balanced life.


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