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Essential Healing: Flower into Your Full Potential With Ian White

by Alison McEvoy

Ian White is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE), a fifth generation Australian herbalist and author of numerous books on the use of ABF Essences for everyday family life. Ian will arrive to Dublin this month to share with an Irish audience, the healing potential of these gentle yet powerful remedies.

In advance of his arrival we spoke about his upbringing in the Australian bush, the journey which led to the founding of ABFE and his vision for ABFE to be incorporated into family life all over the world.

Flower Remedies

Essential Healing: Flower into your full potential

By Alison McEvoy


Ian was introduced to the healing power of plants during his upbringing in the Australian bush (meaning outback or countryside) by his grandmother. Their homes backed onto a National Park and it was here, when he should have been at school, that Ian was initiated into a deep respect for, and understanding of, the health-giving capacities of Australian bush flowers. This continued for the first nine years of his life until his grandmother passed away.

Ian went on to study a science degree and it was in a roundabout way that he was led back to his grandmother’s teachings and the decision to continue the family tradition of herbal healing. It was during his own herbal, self-healing journey after he became ill in India that his passion for plant cures was reignited.


The premise of flower essences is that physical symptoms stem from emotional imbalances. To treat emotional upsets is thus to treat a potential, or actual, cause of physical illness. The beauty of flower essences is that they are vibrational in the same way that emotions are. They are constantly sending out healing signals/vibrations. All we have to do is tune in to find out which essence can help us in this way.

Speaking of Waratah, the plant logo of the ABFE, Ian observes, “They’ve got this beautiful heart shape, and it’s very much working at that heart level, giving strength, giving courage, it’s for faith. We tend to use this flower for black night of the soul.” These flower essences are helping hands for humanity to gain and maintain equilibrium on all levels, especially during our darkest moments which call for great strength.



Ian would like to see every household stock the ABF Essences so that children can be brought up with the support they provide. For every hurdle in a child’s life there is an essence which can make these transitions and challenges so much easier. He wants to see children grow up supported emotionally and mentally so that their hearts can stay open, expressing their love, so that they are given the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals, and their physical health remains in balance. Who would not want to life in the world created by these children as adults?

Ian’s workshops will take place from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th at Malahide Castle in north Co. Dublin. No previous knowledge is required to attend and you are promised a fun, enjoyable day and to leave confident in your ability to use the essences on family, friends and/or patients. On Monday 28th there will be a special event for health food retailers and pharmacist staff.

Friday May 25th – Female Health Issues (Fertility, Pregnancy, Relationships…)

Saturday May 26th – Spotlights mental and emotional health

Sunday May 27th – A question and answer masterclass with Ian


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