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We Recommend – Conscious Concert, Sunday November 10th

by Admin

Looking for an immersive concert experience with soul and heart? Look no further…

We’re huge fans of the Conscious Concert Ireland folks here at Positive Life, and we think their next event – a concert happening this Sunday, November 10th – will be a can’t-miss occasion. It will feature, amongst others:

  • South American Shaman – Nagual Uchu (Castaneda lineage), offering ancient wisdom tools and immersive experience.
  • Sacha Stone – Founder of the New Earth movement and a leading change maker.
  • Sudha – creator of World Sacred Music.
  • Jasmuheen – author of 28 books on Living on Light and Pranic energy.
  • Bee Global Music – creator of Conscious Eco pop music.

The Concert is an all-day event: it will kick off at 12 noon in the Griffith Conference Centre, Dublin 8, and continue until 8 p.m.

Ticket prices range from €35 to €150. To find out more about the event, just click here.


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