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An Tobar: An Ashram Experience in Ireland

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We are huge fans of An Tobar, the beautiful contemplative haven and Spiritan retreat centre located in Navan, Co. Meath. We were delighted to feature them in our Spring 2020 issue. Read on to learn all about it.

An Ashram Experience in Ireland

Silence, contemplation and rest

by Jackie Smyth

Visiting an Ashram in India has become popular in recent times. More and more people are looking for meaning in life, work and relationships and for a way of slowing down and finding simplicity and peace.  

An Ashram is a place where people of any faith, gender or nationality can stay, practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga, and take an inward journey under guidance.  The general aim is to reconnect with oneself and one’s spirituality. The ashram provides an opportunity for participants to contemplate the deeper,  meaningful questions about life itself. It is a time to rest –  to find or to rediscover direction and meaning. Spending time at an Ashram offers solitude, peace, and time out to reflect while also benefiting from various spiritual teachings in a setting that is close to nature.

The Ashram model comes from the Indian Spiritual Tradition. For the past few years, Fr Korko Moses S.J., a Jesuit priest from India who founded Dhyanavanam Ashram in India, inspired by both Christian and Eastern spiritual traditions, has being coming to Ireland to make an Ashram Experience available to people here. He is a spiritual guide and counsellor. Fr Korko teaches meditation and yoga, leads retreats, and has worked with people with addictions. 

Nourishing vegetarian meals are provided throughout the retreat. There is an opportunity to reflect on the experience of each day with participants and with the Ashram director each evening. The rest of the day’s activities are performed in silence and indeed an atmosphere of silence is cultivated throughout the time of the Ashram. For a nourishing, recharging and enriching experience, look no further.


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