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Algae for Angels: The Surprising Benefits of Chlorella

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Chlorella is a substance found in green algae, which may contain some surprising beauty benefits. In our Spring 2020 issue, we explored why that is…

Algae for Angels 

The surprising benefits of chlorella

A pond full of green algae and some of the world’s top models may appear to have nothing in common, but three Victoria’s Secret models – Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Kelly Gale (two of whom have previously modelled as Angels) – have used a green algae supplement called chlorella, which grows in fresh water. Chlorella is typically dried to make a powdered supplement. This can then be added to smoothies and shakes, or sprinkled on food. Chlorella has gained increased prominence in recent years, as its health and nutritional benefits have become more well known.

It might seem far-fetched to think that algae could help you become a supermodel, but a number of scientific studies have suggested that it could help, at least a little. It is well known that collagen plays an important role in skin aging, but another protein found in our skin may be even more important. Elastin – as its name suggests – gives our skin its elasticity and its ability to rebound when pinched or pulled. Less elastin means less elasticity, which inevitably leads to skin sagging and wrinkles. As we age, elastin is broken down more readily and replaced at a slower rate than when we’re younger, which causes our skin to gradually age.

There aren’t many known ways of preventing elastin loss as we get older, but scientists have discovered that chlorella could help. In one study that was published in Journal of Applied Phycology, researchers tested chlorella extracts and found they had an ability to inhibit an enzyme called elastase, which is the enzyme that breaks down elastin in our bodies. By inhibiting elastase, chlorella may be one of the only natural products capable of reducing the age-related breakdown of elastin. This means chlorella could be a more powerful anti-aging remedy than many products currently on the market, which target collagen.

A number of studies have also demonstrated how chlorella could help us to manage our waistlines. Some research indicates that it can help reduce the increase in the size of the body’s fat cells, normally seen when consuming a diet high in fat. However, chlorella’s effects on exercise performance could be its most powerful way of helping us to maintain our figures. Studies published in European Journal of Nutrition and elsewhere have demonstrated that chlorella appears to have the ability to help the body perform more effectively when exercising, and also recover more efficiently afterwards.

No need to go pond dipping

Don’t worry, you don’t need to don a pair of waders and a fishing net to benefit from chlorella! Sun Chlorella produces a high quality, pure chlorella powder and tablets, which can be easily added to shakes and smoothies, or sprinkled on food.

For further information about chlorella and its benefits, visit sunchlorella.co.uk

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