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Spirituality in the City: Autumn 2020 Edition

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Spirituality in the City is always one of the most eagerly anticipated features of our magazine. In our new Autumn 2020 issue, six readers shared their positive visions for the world. Read them below!

Spirituality in the City

What is your vision for the world?

Lili Lapouge

I believe we need to remember what it is we have always been craving for, deep within ourselves. For many years, I’ve had a Dream hidden inside of me. In this Dream, I am with a group of fellow humans and we are dancing around a fire, completely free, confident, magnificent, trusting one another completely, becoming one movement, one flow, one sound.

What is Humanity’s deepest Dream? How do we make this full-fledged human experience meaningful? The more the world goes in that direction, the more we may realise our highest potential.  

I appreciate seeing many people around me quitting their jobs, craving more meaningful paths. I am very inspired by the rise of mindfulness practices, restorative justice, non-violent communication and the rediscovery of ancient and shamanic wisdoms. 

I see dreamers growing and becoming more powerful. I believe everyone is a god-artist in the making. I see clear, free-flowing water, protected animals and ringing cedars. Connect to the Dream.

Aidan Killian | Dublin 2015

Aidan Killian

I appreciate truth and courage, while a combination of both brings tinkles to my toes. Whether it’s the courage to grow your own food, to meditate, to talk about God to a stranger or simply say ‘no thanks mate, that’s not for me’, it all makes me smile.

I envision a world where the wild, free-minded, courageous, free-spirited bardic people of Ireland become the new norm. A world where we become a beacon of light for a world where truth, love, and freedom becomes as common as the trees we plant. We connect the ancient forests by planting oak, ash and hazel, not for profit but to honour the land.

Oh, and people listen more and tell stories. It’s sunny, the school kids work outdoors, there is no debt, everyone has a home, and quality chocolate makes you even sexier. 

Feel free to hug me and love to you all.

Grainne Tyndall

As an International numerologist, 2020 relates to foundations and creating a new blueprint. 2020, when added together, comes to the energy of the number 4, which relates to structure, security, the heart chakra and also the hearth of the home. 

My vision for the future is a world of safety, where people are free to speak their truth and ultimately to come home to themselves. 2020 has been a time of deep reflection for most of us, and it is also about creating a template for the coming generations. We have been chosen, folks, so if we each take personal responsibility, we create a new way of being.

2020 has attempted to open up our hearts, and now, by creating a new foundational way of love, we will embark on 5th dimensional living. Be the change you want to see.

Grainne Tyndall is an International Numerologist, Soul Seer and Broadcaster. 


Enda Donnellan

The Buddha once said, “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” We are living through extraordinary times of change. Great upheaval also brings the possibility to offer a new way. Under normal circumstances, change is slow. However, now we know it’s a must.

The native Americans only took actions which healthily considered five generations ahead. As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Sovereignty Ireland is a new political party that offers this new model. We feel that this is a unique model to create harmony, starting in Ireland. If we can do it on this little island, then it could be a beacon for global change.

We are holding our first public meeting at Áras an Uachtaráin on the 4th of October 2020. Find our ideas and proposition to create a healthy society and reform politics at:


Monica Haughey

I am appreciating the changes that have happened in the city, with more pedestrian areas and safer cycle paths! More people are sitting outdoors in cafes and the parks, and there are more wildflowers and pollinating areas for bees. 

On a wider scale, we have been forced to slow down and not be so busy. We have had to look at the choices we are making, to think about whether we really need more “stuff”, and whether we really need to make all those journeys. There is so much opportunity in this for our own health and wellbeing, and that of the planet.

My vision for the world is that we now develop and grow further our own inner knowing,  wisdom and discernment, as we are being flooded with a lot of conflicting information and views about many important issues. We have the opportunity to become more empowered, be aware of the choices we do have and take charge of our own destiny.



Drew Lawrence

On the esoteric level and through the lens of Bhakti-Yoga – the yoga of love and devotion – our highest purpose is to become compassionate and loving toward everyone, including the animals, to learn to love beyond race, colour and creed, to rise to universal love, and ultimately to ascend to love of God.

Since my awakening at age nineteen, I have immersed myself in yoga, meditation and Vedanta study. To this end, I learned ancient Sanskrit, studied and practiced Vedic Astrology and used it to counsel people around the world for the past 43 years.

I look at spirituality on two levels, primarily — Dharma and Prema. Discovering and following your life purpose while in this lifetime is the path of Dharma. When following Dharma, we act in harmony with our nature, our God-given gifts. This fulfils us as individuals and enables us to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us. This is Prema, the highest degree of self-realisation — transcending the ego and rising to the sublime.



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