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Hello, Positive Lifers! We are thrilled to share that our Winter 2020/21 issue is fresh off the presses. The theme of our Winter issue is ‘sovereignty’, and we loved reading our regular writers’ thought-provoking interpretations on this theme. Our cover stars this issue are Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, the makers of Thrive. They spoke to us about their incredible new documentary, THRIVE II, which puts forward startling and innovative solutions to many of the pressing issues we face in our world. Teal Swan spoke with us about the profound opportunities being offered to humanity at this time, while Mas Sajady discussed how our true freedom begins when striving ends.

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Loads of love, and have a wonderful festive season, from all the team.

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Tomorrow: NeoTantra Mingling & Magic With Dawn Cartwright

During this very special Positive Nights event, we will be joined by our very own Dawn Cartwright for a special evening of NeoTantra mingling and magic. This event will take place over Zoom tomorrow, Thursday December 17th at 7.30 p.m. Irish time (GMT). Click here to learn more and book your place.

In The Club: Our Positive Offerings

The Positive Club is our special members’ group on Facebook. For €11.11 per month, members get to enjoy podcasts, workshops, inspirational reading material, sneak peeks and exclusive content set aside just for them. We livestream all of our Positive Nights events into the Club – this clip from our recent Teal Swan event will give you an idea of what to expect. Oracle Girl (Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs) was another Positive Nights guest whom we were honoured to host recently, and her conversation with us was also livestreamed into the Club. Click here to learn more and join us!

On Terra Firma: Health Products for Digestive Ease

Terra Health Essentials’ products are the perfect solution to anyone who has sought a natural way to heal digestive issues, with no side effects. We tried out some Terra Health essentials recently and were very impressed by their Heartburn Relief Kit. This gem may come in especially handy, so close to Christmas!


Relight Your Inner Fire

If you need a pep in your step during these colder days, look no further than Botanic Revival’s Fire Tonic. We are very taken by this tonic, which has been designed to pack an abundance of beneficial root botanicals into a single shot of raw apple cider vinegar. Check out its goodness for yourself!


Tread SoFFtly With This New Concert Experience

SoFFT Nights is an innovative concert and holistic experience series taking place at Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, from March to June 2021. The events have been designed with safety in mind, allowing participants plenty of time and space to immerse themselves in 25 acres of beautiful forest and lakes at the Park. The events will include shamanic journeying, meditations, storytelling, music and delicious food.


Eco-Savvy Plumbing

We are huge fans of Eco Plumb. This environmentally savvy plumbing company does things a little differently! Eco Plumb was established in 2001, and their motto is to protect, maintain and improve any heating and plumbing system. They observe high-standard working practices and guidelines, integrating various household systems in a holistic manner.


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