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Our brand-new Winter 2020/21 issue is out, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it! One of our eagerly anticipated sections is Positive Vibes, a round up of holistic events, products and offerings we are loving this season. Read on to enjoy the Winter edition.

“We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.”

Gary Zukav

Energising Events

Zoom In

Positive Nights is now on Zoom! Over the past few months, we’ve been thrilled to host speakers such as Pam Gregory, Teal Swan, Martin Duffy, the makers of THRIVE, and more. Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with all of our event announcements this season and beyond.


Look to the Stars

Lately, our curiosity has been piqued by a new extraterrestrial-themed movie called CE-5. As defined by extraterrestrials expert Dr. Steven Greer, CE-5 – “close encounter of the fifth kind” — is broadly defined as human-initiated extraterrestrial contact. In this event, humans initiate peaceful, bilateral contact with extraterrestrials through conscious, voluntary and proactive means. The movie delves into this subject in stunning detail.


Tread Softly

SoFFT Nights is an innovative series of concerts taking place at Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, from June to September 2021. These outdoor events have been designed with safety and social distancing in mind, allowing participants plenty of time and space to immerse themselves in 25 acres of beautiful forest and lakes at the Park.


Power People

Heal and Connect

We adore the work of Karolina Banaszkiewicz, a healer, coach and therapist whose open heart and warm demeanour instantly helps clients to feel at ease. Through her inspirational healing business, Really Connect, she helps people to overcome their challenges and unlock their true potential.


Stirring Creations

Aine is an artist and design consultant whose beautiful works have blown us away. Her expertise as a designer – coupled with her innate intuition – enable her to read the energy of an environment and those who will use it, then design spaces to support them holistically. Check out her work below.


Oracle Wisdom

One teacher we’re loving at the moment is Oracle Girl (Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs), who offers some truly mind-expanding video teachings, healing sessions, and inspirational content designed to uplift you. We were honoured to have her as a recent Positive Nights guest.


Health First

Next Level Probiotics

Exciting things are on offer from Weltmont Probiotics – they collect the essence of biological medicine and combine this with the maximum scientific rigour. Thanks to these efforts, they are now pioneers in the development of paraprobiotics, which represent a more advanced process over conventional probiotics.


Supplement Your Healing

Mark Cleary is a renowned holistic practitioner based in Dublin. We have long admired the dedication and care he extends to his clients. He also offers an impressive range of botanical supplements, vitamins and minerals – the liposomal vitamin C and vitamin B complex is just the thing to boost flagging energy levels.


Health and Happiness

We are loving The Happy Pear’s new book, ‘The Happy Health Plan.’ This is their first health and lifestyle book, packed with over 80 delicious plant-based recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and more. It’s made our taste buds very happy indeed!


Inner Fire

If you need a pep in your step during these colder days, look no further than Botanic Revival’s Fire Tonic. This tonic has been designed to pack an abundance of beneficial root botanicals into a single shot of raw apple cider vinegar. Check out its goodness for yourself!


Move With Zing

Zinzino are passionate about promoting good health and vitality. They offer stunning exercise apparel, accessories, and high-quality oils and dietary supplements, including some fantastic vegan options. Our recommendation? The skin serum kit is a miracle worker for dry skin.


Eats and Treats

Naturally Super

For health and indulgence, Supernature’s peanut butter cups or chocolatey nut clusters cannot be beaten. These nuggets of goodness are created using just four ingredients! Supernature began when founder Noele McEvoy had to devise a creative solution to her daughter’s allergies. The business soon became a true family success story. Their snacks are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cup of tea this winter.


Sandwich Delights

Sam Pearson, owner of Vegan Sandwich Co, has been obsessed with food from a young age. After too many encounters with terrible vegan sandwiches, he made the decision to leave the corporate world and set up Vegan Sandwich Co … and Dublin foodies are glad he did! His lunchtime sandwich thrillers will make you question everything you know about what a vegan sandwich can be.


Open Sesame

If you’re after a true feast for the senses, we can highly recommend Harvest Moon Foods’ new tahini range. Their other products (including pestos, tapenade and hummus) have already won multiple awards, and their delicious tahini offerings are likely to add to the buzz around this trailblazing company.


Moss Magic

We are huge fans of Quality Sea Veg and their delicious carragheen moss. Carragheen is a bushy reddish-brown plant which grows abundantly along the Irish coast. It has been used for centuries as a cough and cold remedy, and is highly valued for its natural gel, which is extracted when simmered in water or milk: a nifty plant-based answer to gelatine.


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