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Our recently-released Winter 2020/21 issue was a true labour of love, and there is so much about it that we treasure. Our main feature in this issue was an exclusive chat with Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, the makers of THRIVE. Please enjoy the sneak peek below! You can read the full feature by picking up a copy of the magazine in your local stockist, or subscribing here to receive one direct to your door.

Liberating Our Minds

We Interview the Makers of THRIVE

by Aisling Cronin

Interviewer: Paul Congdon

THRIVE is a global movement that aims to inform and inspire people to create a better world. This movement began after the release of ‘THRIVE I: What on Earth Will it Take?’ back in 2011.

In this documentary, the filmmakers Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble put forward their research into the power structures that inform how human society currently operates. They also shared compelling scientific and spiritual evidence that demonstrated how we are part of an infinitely alive, interconnected cosmos.

Kimberly and Foster believe this web of interconnectivity is organised according to knowable energy dynamics, and that aligning with this patterning will allow us to access its infinite potential for transformation.

They emphasise that on a practical level, this understanding of our inherent oneness could bring about widespread changes in how we relate to each other.

‘THRIVE II: This is What it Takes’ has recently been released. This follow-up documentary brings viewers behind the scenes with the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for all inhabitants of our planet. It aims to unpack the strategies, the science, and the principles that underlie some potent solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive self-organising.

By inspiring trans-political, grassroots, decentralised solutions, ‘THRIVE II’ puts forward practical tools for reclaiming authority over our own lives and communities.

‘THRIVE II’ unveils an emerging coherent theory of the “Unified Field” and all that this implies.

Foster and Kimberly’s vision is simple: as the title suggests, they want to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We marked the release of ‘THRIVE II’ by interviewing them both during a special Positive Nights event, to learn more about the inspiration behind their documentaries and the wider movement.


What is giving you the greatest excitement at this time, in relation to some of the concepts that THRIVE I and THRIVE II explored?


For me, it is the deepening awareness of what it means to be an energetic being interacting with the world around me. My grounding point – which guided all of my decisions and words during both movies – was the human aspect of what we were exploring. I constantly came back to the question: ‘how can this information change people’s lives?’


I feel more confident than ever that humans can solve the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into! Though it’s not easy, and though there’s a lot to be done, I do have immense hope. The solutions are much more simple and more coherent than we may realise. I was at lunch recently with one of the scientists featured in the movie, who explained that if we can create a still point between two perfectly aligned waves of energy, this emanation could unlock immense healing potentials within the surrounding cells. This generation of a still point could unlock free energy technology. This is what we’ve heard again and again and again.


This leads me into a question on one of the fascinating concepts you explored in THRIVE: the torus field. You mentioned the work of Nassim Haramein, in particular – what is it that draws you to his work?


Nassim and I have been friends for twenty years. When I first met him, he was literally travelling in a van, trying to spread the word about his inventions and ideas. He was one event from giving up, because no one understood what he was talking about. A friend of mine knew him, and because our work was so similar, he told me, “you have to go to this event.” When I heard Nassim talk, I had hairs standing up on the back of my neck.

We are especially excited about Nassim’s resonator – THRIVE II is the first time he has revealed it publicly. The aim of this resonator is to tap into the power of nature by creating a natural black hole, which can generate ongoing energy ‘packets’ from the universe.


What changed for you both after you made THRIVE I back in 2011? What was the most amazing thing you experienced as a result?


We got 90 million documented views, and were exposed to many different people. I could sense that we were really fulfilling a need, which was incredible. It has been amazing to connect with people all over the world who understood what we were setting out to do. Yet with that, some slander came our way, and negative things were said about us. Personally, what changed for me in that process was that I was liberated! After trying my whole life to please people, a fearlessness emerged in me. I learned that it was far more important to respect myself, act with integrity and speak my truth – which was always intended to be helpful.

You can read the full feature by picking up a copy of the magazine in your local stockist, or subscribing here to receive one direct to your door.


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