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mnemosline® – Revolutionary Eyewear for the Brain

by Aisling Cronin

mnemosline® is an intriguing new company offering eyewear that is intended to help support brain health. In our Summer 2021 issue, we took a deeper look…

See a Clearer Mind

Revolutionary Eyewear for the Brain

by Aisling Cronin

The concept of eyewear designed to enhance wellbeing is gaining traction. Blue light glasses have witnessed a surge of interest in recent years, for example, as health-conscious computer users have recognised the need to shield their retinas from the glare of their screens … but one company is taking the concept to new heights.

mnemosline® 2020 is a patented electronic device that looks like a pair of glasses. These glasses have been installed with a tiny microcomputer that generates pulses of LED light. This light is therapeutic in nature: it aims to stimulate the reconstruction of the brain’s neurons and synaptic connections. This revolutionary device has attracted a great deal of attention because of its anti-ageing potential. There are also indications that mnemosline® can assist with the treatment of anxiety and memory preservation.

The mnemosline® method developed from a body of fifty years of work conducted by Italian neurologist and surgeon, Professor Francesco Ferro Milone. He and his team carried out their research in specialist centres such as the Alzheimer’s State Institute in Vicenza, Italy. Numerous scientific studies have documented Milone’s work with people suffering from Alzheimer’s, depression and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The first mnemosline® device consisted of an EEG helmet and an individually calibrated device, which ran on complex software that had to be operated by a neurologist. This prototype was designed primarily to assist in the treatment of cognitive problems in people over 60 years of age.

The new mnemosline® 2020 glasses can be used by 99% of the population – only epileptic people are advised to avoid them. In people of all ages, the glasses have been observed to positively affect brain health, mental wellbeing, and maintaining the correct circadian cycle. Using mnemosline® 2020 is a simple process, as the software that comes with it enables the average person to start using the glasses immediately.

Our publisher Paul Congdon recently had an opportunity to trial the glasses. He commented: “My immediate impression of the glasses was that they were very calming. I definitely felt like they were bringing me into a different brain state – like the Alpha wave state, which is a much calmer, more peaceful way to be.’

Scientific research has indicated that mnemosline® devices may assist people who experience insomnia, jet lag, stress and other neurodegenerative problems.

The mnemosline® glasses are recommended for use during ten-minute sessions per day. The therapy aims to reduce stress levels, calm an overloaded brain, improve mood, and help the neural network to function as efficiently as possible. It can also be beneficial for those who wish to cultivate a greater sense of mindfulness in their lives, as it encourages the wearer to focus more deeply on the here and now.

‘They were very conducive to meditation,’ Paul said. ‘I would use them for a ten-minute session, and after using them, I felt that I could easily and seamlessly go into a relaxed meditative state. I was less immersed in thought, and much more able to connect with the peaceful aspect of myself.’

If you’re looking for a convenient, drug-free way to boost your cognitive function, these revolutionary glasses might just help you with that.

To learn more, go to en.mnemosline.pl

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