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Immune Helpers: Vitamins C & D Take Centre Stage

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With colder days on the horizon, we’re all looking for ways to ensure that our immune systems are fighting fit. One of the best ways to boost your immunity is to increase your uptake of vitamins C and D. In our new Autumn issue, Abundance and Health helped us to understand exactly why these nutrients are so vital.

Immune Helpers

Vitamins take centre stage

As the weather changes, your body changes with it, requiring a new set of nutrients. Food scientist and nutritional therapist Susie Debice recommends placing vitamins C and D at the top of your autumn health list.

‘Autumn berries are nature’s perfectly timed source of naturally rich in vitamin C,’ she says, ‘but if you can’t forage in hedgerows, head to your local health food store and pick up some vitamin C, to prime your immune system against seasonal infections.’

This is Susie’s three-step guide for choosing vitamin C:

• Select a liposomal product for unbeatable absorption rates. Liposomes have the same phospholipid structure as the membranes that surround all body cells. This enables them to be absorbed in record time. 

• Check for the LivOn Labs logo. Livon labs have pioneered liposomal encapsulation technology, producing premium liposomes and testing every batch for authenticity.  

• Achieve a good dose. 1000mg of vitamin C is a sensible dose for daily autumn and winter wellbeing.

One vitamin C product she recommends is Altrient C by LivOn. Each sachet contains 1000mg of scientifically backed liposomal vitamin C. You can take the supplement straight from the sachet, or squeeze it into a glass of water.

Susie also recommends upping vitamin D consumption in autumn, as this vitamin plays a crucial role in supporting innate immunity. ‘Vitamin D3 is the most bioactive form of vitamin D,’ Susie says, ‘which means it remains biologically active for a long time, and is more effective at raising your blood levels than the D2 form found in standard supplements.’

Neutrient™ D3 + K2 is one of Susie’s favourites. She describes this oral spray as fast, potent and effective. This product boasts eco-friendly credentials, as it comes in a recyclable bottle. The product is suitable for vegans too, and has received an official certification from The Vegan Society.


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