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Kali Kavara Sexual Illumination

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Kalí Kavara is the Author of the book Sexual Illumination: A Pilgrimage Within to Remember Who You Are.

Sexual Illumination

Kali Kavara — Guiding You to Embrace Every Emotion Confidently Kali Kavara has been hailed as an “Energy Shaman, Seeress, and Revolutionary thought leader. Her work is rooted in the age-old adage of doing the best for the greatest number of people. She has travelled around the world learning from the great teachers and shamans. On setting off on a journey of discovery, she realised the great discovery came from within.

Kali has been mentored in Shamanism, Spirit Medicine, Stone Medicine, Vibrational Science, Spiritual Science, and Yoga and trained in Aromatherapy and Healing Arts. She also has awakened clairvoyant powers of perception, which support her multidimensional energy work. Kali’s ability to transcend the reality we live in has allowed her to tap into that gift to help others realise their true potential to achieve soul embodiment.

Kalí Kavara is the author of “Sexual Illumination,” which is a guide to healing your emotional wounds to increase your sexual energy as life force to increase your consciousness and light up from within. She shares an original emotional healing method and energy healing practices to help you retrieve your Soul and rise into authentic self-empowerment. This book is about releasing energy blockages, trapped as emotional baggage, to resurrect your inner-strength and ascend into your highest light potential. Begin your pilgrimage within to remember who you are today. She invites the reader to do the work that will illuminate their light and retrieve their true Soul. This book is about connecting the mind, body and spirit for a more fulfilled life. Let your journey to self-discovery begin today!

Read on to hear about Sexual Illumination in Kali’s own words. “Sexual Illumination: A Pilgrimage Within to Remember Who You Are” is a guide to healing your emotional wounds to awaken the full power of your sexual energy. At that level of self-empowerment, there is no stopping you. I am so thrilled to share my first book with you.

This emotional healing method changed my life. I felt liberated, truly empowered in my authenticity, and free. That paved the way for greater self-love. Along with an original emotional healing modality, I share high-level information about your energy body and the energetics of the universe in a very accessible way, original energy healing practices, shared through the lens of my relatable story of my journey through a near-death experience, leaving the high life behind to pursue the spiritual path, and how I find true love and freedom, within, by overcoming pain.

You learn how to transform and heal your own energy, how to understand your triggers, discover your emotional wounds, meet your emotional needs, and increase your energy, and thus, consciousness to light up from within. I hope the book adds value to your life and helps you on your sacred journey through life.

A note from our publisher Paul Congdon.
The words on these pages are alive with promise and drip with authenticity. This wisdom is so timely for humanity and the teachings are right on the zeitgeist as the feminine rises and the masculine balances in ourselves and the world around us. Written with a beautiful flow and engaging style and such a unique voice. Read it and reconnect with who you really are. 

Find our more about Kali and her work here: www.kalikavara.com/
Pick up your copy of Sexual Illumination here: Sexual Illumination

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