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Conscious Coffins

by Margot Tubbiolo

In the Short and Sweet section of the magazine, we often feature companies who inspire us … and our recently-released Spring 2023 issue was no exception. We loved speaking with Dolores Prendeville, who provides affordable eco-friendly coffins to ease the process of dealing with death, turning it into more of a celebration of life!

Conscious Coffins

Celebrate Life

By Margot Tubbiolo

There is a lot of work that goes into the arrangements when someone passes away. Dolores Prendeville sat down with me to discuss the importance of talking about loss and death and how we can make it easier on grieving families. Dolores provides eco-friendly flat pack coffins that retail at only 399 euros. This makes the coffins socially and environmentally conscious. Most coffins retail at more than double this price, so why wouldn’t you want to go eco-friendly?

Dolores is an Irish supplier of these coffins that are manufactured in Holland. She explains that the assembly is quick and easy and you don’t necessarily need any special tools, though an electric screwdriver is handy. The coffins are made of sustainable, untreated poplar wood and suitable for both burial and cremation. They are plain in design, yet the sentiment is that you can decorate them how you want. They can be personalised and allude to fond memories of the ones who have passed. It makes death more of a celebration of life and a time to come together and support one another along with our beautiful planet!



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