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Beyond the Binary

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Ruth Rafferty, speaks on the very important topic of gender. She tells us that the energy a person holds is much more crucial to how they feel and identify in this world than the gender they were born as. She also talks about eye-opening harmful age-old stereotypes.

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Beyond The Binary

by Ruth Rafferty


Do you know women have as much access to masculine energy as men? And men have as much feminine energy available to them as women do?

Globally speaking – we have been obsessed with holding on tightly to false narratives, usually a fear piece – being afraid to adapt to a new way of seeing or owning deeper uncomfortable truths – whether they be personal or on behalf of someone else. However, there is definitely more recognition of this labelling today and of how harmful it is if we
continue to conform to stereotypes.

Age-old rigid and harmful stereotypes such as:

• Men should be physically strong, show little to no emotion, be good at business and maths, hard hat, suit and tie wearing, earns a better living than a woman (pitting one against the other), eats fear and steak for breakfast!

• For women – soft, sensitive but not in a clingy way, good housewife, pretty, earns less than partner, not as business savvy or well-abled as a man, sociable, funny.

Sexual orientation speaking = straight female and male relationship being the most “acceptable” or acknowledged relationship type. All well, if you were born perfectly fitting and happy to fit into the above roles; however, does this person exist? And happily at that? What about the larger percentage of men or women who wouldn’t see qualities of themselves in all or any of the above?

Men and women deserve to be seen and celebrated for who they naturally and authentically are. Not what has been subscribed to them, or what they have been told they must conform to in order to be accepted.

So much has shifted and changed within Irish society and more globally in recent years with the breaking down of barriers around the above. Let’s keep it that way!


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